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They came by ship - Assisted Immigrants who arrived 1844

Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
Some are not on both lists, people slip between the lists - Vic includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.
I indicate if I have viewed the fiche containing photographed images of the Returns of Passengers. This is sometimes difficult, maybe impossible (lovely word - 'illegible') and frustrating when people are so important they are listed as Mr and Lady, when I want the forenames.

Royal George

arrived 16 Nov, 1844 ship 585 tons, Greives master, from London 22 July, Portsmouth 29 July and Falmouth 6 August to Port Phillip Passengers Mrs Liardet and dau, Mrs Stevenson and 3 chn, Miss Bowles, Miss Forbes and servant, Messrs Yaldwyn, Jardine, Rev Mr Dobson, Mr Neil Black, and Mr Taylor. Intermediate Mr Stein. 24 in the Steerage Mr and Mrs Shadgate, Messrs Kemp and George Fowler and 21 adult males, emigrants. Surgeon Superintendent Mr Britten. From: "Ada Ackerly" Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Exiles from Oxford : Ada Part 2 Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 12:58:26 +1100 References: Hello Grahame I'm going to be a bit more systematic: Exiles known to have been sentenced in Oxfordshire. William SMITH sentenced in Salford Dec 1842, came on the ROYAL GEORGE arriving 11 Nov 1844, one of only 21 who were sent as a trial shipment to see if they would be accepted. They were quickly whisked off to squatters who had agreed with their patron, William Yaldwyn, who was returning after a trip to England, that they would take the men. I think we can safely say that these were handpicked model prisoners, expected to take advantage of their opportunity.

Sea Queen

arrived 16 Apr 1844 barque 418 tons, Martin, Images 300-314, also page 1, Vic
ARRIVALS—April 15, Sea Queen, barque, 465 tons, Martin, master, from London 29th Nov, and Cork 4th Jan, with 219 immigrants. Passengers—Mr JC and Mrs Wickham, Mr Robert Edminstone, 6 in Steerage and 219 emigrants, 30 Crew and Dr S Curtis, surgeon superintendent.—
Ralph Ruddle paid 5 pounds for serving as Schoolmaster during voyage,
William Seward paid 3 pounds for serving as Hospital assistant during voyage
William Baikie, George Twitchell, John Williams, Patrick Barrow paid 2 pounds, served as Constable during voyage

Perilous Journeys page 115, 'Sea Queen' brought 176 adults and 83 children from Plymouth and Cork, one mother and four children dying on the voyage.

Sea Queen arrived 15 April 1844, barque, 465 tons, Martin, master, from London 29th Nov, and Cork 4th Jan, with 219 immigrants. Passengers—Mr and Mrs Wickham, Mr Edminstone, and Dr Curtis, surgeon superintendent.

Images 300-314 The ‘Port Phillip Gazette’ on Wednesday 17 April 1844, reported the vessel’s arrival in Port Phillip as follows:

The bounty emigrant ship SEA QUEEN arrived on Monday last, with 219 emigrants, under the superintendance of Dr Curtis JP, who is an old resident of this colony, having been formerly police magistrate at Wellington, in the middle district, and subsequently he had charge of the medical department at Norfolk Island. Two thirds of the emigrants are English, consisting principally of single men, of a robust and healthy appearance, the remainder are Irish, the whole of whom will, no doubt, meet with immediate arrangements, being of the class that are mostly required here.

A mutiny broke out on board the SEA QUEEN amongst the crew, when on the eve of leaving Ireland, which compelled her to put back to the Cove of Cork, where the chief mate was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment and hard labour, and the remainder of the crew to fourteen days imprisonment with the forfeiture of wages; she was also compelled to put back four times from stress of weather.

Jesse Morley
Sat 12 July, Sea Queen, for Liverpool will clear Customs, and sail Monday. Passengers Mrs Joyce, Mrs French and child, Messrs William McGrotty, James Cuthbert, TS Copner, William McCarter, Charles Sherrard, Godolphin Arundell, John Hunter, - Menzies and Kincaid. Also Mr Alexander Campbell, Steerage Messrs Pollard, Mason and George Roach. Cargo 300 tons bark, 116 bales wool, 17 tons cedar wood, 68 casks tallow, 18 hogsheads rum. Will definitely sail Friday next

Thomas Hughes

arrived 23 Nov 1844, barque 310 tons, Capt Thomas Butler, from Liverpool 18 Jul 1844. barque from Liverpool 18th July.
Passengers Cabin Mrs Kenworthy and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Robinson and child, Messrs William Tootal and nephew A E Tootal, and Boothroyd
Intermediate Messrs Thomas Annesly, Knowles, Milligan, Spreint, Richardson, Churchill/Burchill, Campbell, Cuff, Johnson, Milligan, Sprynt,
Captain Butler brought 3 seamen, named Pope, Evans and O'Hea to be charged with insubordination on the high seas Departed 26 Feb 1845 for London


arrived 20 Dec 1844 barque 296 tons, Capt James Douglas, from Glasgow 30 Aug and Greenock 21 Sep 1844
Passengers — Mr and Mrs John Oswald and child, and William Webster.
Departed 8 Apr 1845 for London


Ship, Capt A Main, arrived 16 Feb 1844 from Liverpool 3 Nov 1843, 104 days. Images 0284 - 299 also Vic 482 on, fiche 13
Surgeon Superintendent Mr JE OReilly, Purser Mr John Kyffin.
Passengers, Cabin Mr and Mrs HG Ashhurst, Richard Scott, George Barclay, George Wharton. Steerage Mr and Mrs Fitton, William Moult, and 303 bounty emigrants
303 bounty immigrants mainly from the English Midlands, 35 single men, 48 single women, 54 families of 116 adults and 104 children under 15 years.
Recapitulation 51 married males, 43 single males, 56 boys 1-14, 4 under a year; 49 married females, 54 single, 40 girls and 3 infant females, total landed 300 souls equivalent to 245 statute adults.
Report in Port Phillip Herald, Tues 20 Feb 1844, there were 38 deaths during the voyage, 27 of them children, most from diarrhoea. People were from Oxfordshire and adjoining counties, and Northern counties of Ireland. 50 married males, 40 unmarried men and 53 unmarried females seek work.
Have 393 names - 43 crew members, 16 who appear to be Cabin or died, 334 Bounty immigrants - 235 in 55 families, 54 girls and 44 men. Infants were not included in the official records. For example Elizabeth Birnie/Burney boarded as a single woman, but was delivered of a child during the voyage, and then was recorded as a widow, so not eligible for a Bounty subsidy.
Purser John Kyffin, Surgeon Supt Dr Edward L Falloon and John Falloon, Assistant surgeon Mr JE O'Reilly
From Perilous Journeys' page 113-5, Agent AB Smith & Co sent about 340 immigrants from Liverpool with Master Andrew Main, and during the 91 day passage 11 adults and 27 children died of typhus. One example - 28 year old Esther Whyte's 3 children all died and the mother perished of what the surgeon, Dr Edward L Fallon described as 'nervous fever'.
William Ford came on the The Wallace (864 tons) sailed from Liverpool on 3rd November 1843. There had been 38 deaths recorded (11 adults, 1 older child, and 26 young children) from diarrhoea, dysentery and typhoid, and 5 births on the 15 week voyage, which arrived at Port Phillip on 16th February 1844 - see
Departed 19 Mar 1844 for Lima

Abberton, Clarendon, Jane Goudie,

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