This site is under new managment thanks Geocities for freeing this spot!

Welcome to the new page of Keltria, the Homepage of the New Orleans Druid Alliance, in connection with Druids.Org

We are a group of Druids and Pagans currently numbering over 350! We welcome all to join us in contributing to the development of this page. Please submit articles of interest for publication here. Our next Grove meeting will be held on the eve of the Vernal Equinox. If you would like directions to the location, feel free to email me.

In the meantime, until I add more to this page, please feel free to browse the links below, and be sure to check back often!

The fight against posting the 10 Commandments (this link was "borrowed" from a pagan site in Carbondale, Illinois.....boy those people are weird up there.....must be all that makes white people all funky


My favourite place on the net!


My Grimoiremy permission is needed to access this page.