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To Music - copyright 1997, John L. Batzer, Jr.

To perform
And remove
Your thoughts,
Your fears,
And all of your inhibitions
For infinite periods of time.

To soar well above everything
That can be condisered ordinary.
Not caring
About those left behind
In melancholy life.

To have this power
Encompass your body
Allowing you
To do everything
That you've ever needed
And wanted to do.

To have this feeling
Like you've accomplished
More than anybody
Could ever humanly accomplish
In one lifetime . . .
Or one hundred.

To slay Goliath,
With aid
Only provided
With the sounds
Ringing in your head

To have sweat
Dripping from your veins,
Like what is felt
During the most intimate
Of all possible
Human relations.

To experience utopia.

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