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The Trombonist's Corner

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The Trombonist's Corner is undergoing some changes. I have not changed the site much at all really in the last year. I am working to make it more useful, and will change the look of it somewhat. One of the new features which should be online this week is instant link addition. You will be able to add your link to a categorized database of trombone links. I hope this will be an especially useful resource.

The goal of this site is multi-faceted. First, The Trombonist's Corner is intended to be a source of information for beginning and advanced trombonists alike. The Trombonist's Corner is also a source of information for anyone wanting to know more about the trombone. It is also a source for links to other sites related to the trombone, and you can post your own links. You can also listen to some MIDI files written my members of a trombone quartet I used to play in, the Main Street Trombones.

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