This is the storage vault of my earliest ventures into building web sites.
Pages made with Netcom's page maker back in 1995 when I got my first computer and discovered the "web" with Win95. Oh, the excitement!! Don't trust all the links, some have passed into internet history.
I've marked them when I've caught them.
Latest update is June 5, 2007.


Residence: Mirkwood


I am supposed to enter biographical data here, but you don't want or need to know my life history and I don't want to type it.
Enough to know that I am (as the French say) "une femme d'un certain age." That means I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but if life was a trip from Houston to Dallas, I'd be speeding through Austin right about now.
If you are curious about appearances, check out my picture.
I was a high school dropout, but graduated from college (twice.) I was born in Texas and live in Texas now, but have also lived in Montana, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, California, Arkansas and Maryland. Maryland was my favorite place. I have also been to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Japan.


Career? Surely you jest! Not for me. I have had lots of interesting jobs, but never wanted a career! Life is too short to waste in work! (Don't get upset, workaholics, just kidding!) Back in the "old days" I did a spell as a computer operator at IBM, just to make enough money to pay for college. Was a branch manager for a home builder for a couple of years and even put in some time as an Animal Control Officer.


Hobbies? Oh yes, I have hobbies.
I read. My library contains books of many types, from the philosophies of Joel S. Goldsmith to Agatha Christie mysteries and to the 'pun'derful stories of Piers Anthony. I have even read John Norman's Gor books.
I listen. Music hath charms. My preference is usually classical, but I have eclectic tastes and like other types of music as long as it isn't obnoxious and intrusive...BTW, have you ever noticed you never have to ask someone to turn down the volume on their Beethoven or Vivaldi?
I have just begun to explore the world of opera and am finding it quite interesting.
Animals. I live on four acres in a pine forest and have room for many critters. Present domesticated residents are four dogs, four cats, two chickens, two parakeets, and the cockatiel from Hell! That is one mean bird!
Gardening. Mostly flowers, but an occasional tomato or pepper or some such thing.
Traveling. Little excursions for relaxation are nice. Especially cruises to the Bahamas or weekends in Cancun.
My house. Like this page, constantly under construction.
ComPewter. Love it. Spend hours on it. Worry about it.

Here are some of my favorite sites to visit.

  1. Monty Python's Flying Talker Homepage(No more "talker," but still a Python page.)
  2. CNET (Still there, just more ads.)
    (Prairienet British Comedy Clearinghouse) (GONE!)
  5. Comedy Central Online (Still there!)
    (The Puzzle Page} (GONE!)
  7. The Dominion (Still there, but known as ""**aka SciFiChannel on cable.)

Interesting note on still working websites: most of them now have fancy graphics that take just as long to load with my upgraded cable ISP as the old 1995 static jpg's and gif's did with my dial-up.

Links to the other Rooms in my Online Home

Update note: Not all of these links are active. I'm still working on the first two (animals and library) and I can't guarantee the links in the others are still valid. It has been a long time...1995 to 2005.

  2. ALAMEDA'S LIBRARY(Modified)

This is new since I first built this site:

I quit smoking November 1, 2000.

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