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About PlanetSoft®

PlanetSoft was born in December 1996 in Montréal, Canada. It's main sector of activity: Software (it wasn't hard to guess, was it?). Today, PlanetSoft has only one employee, but it's looking forward to a strong growth and a great future. PlanetSoft makes programs for Windows 95 and Windows NT but if you have a good reason I can do it also for other platforms also. PlanetSoft is only a few years old, but its employee has several years of experience. You can trust him, PlanetSoft stands behind its products. For all your software needs, contact me and we'll set up a deal. Or at least, I'll start looking for a good excuse not to do it. You can get in touch with PlanetSoft by e-mail:

You can send me PGP encrypted e-mails using my public key.

  • Diplo is an adjudicator for the game of Diplomacy for Windows 95. Go to Diplo Page to find out more and download it for FREE.

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