A Truly Magical,
True Fairy Tale!
Once upon a time...

Dave's Magical Mystical Tour
Little 'ol me, (and many others!), had a
Psychic Experience.
(Miracles included free!)

"Once upon a time...later" -Sondheim

We are STILL having them:
along with our friends, and our CAT!
Take a ride on OUR Psychic Side!
It's a never ending story, isn't it?

We also have lots of fun!
"Let us entertain you!" -Sondheim
Kenny and Dave Do Drag!
(Caution: BAD drag!)

Here, in a land that doesn't exist, except through the magic of electrons, you can see our penthouse apartment!

Our loving home. Come on in!
(Well it IS on the top floor!)

Be sure and check out Kenny's beautiful Angel Art:
One is hanging on the wall in the above picture.

Kenny's WONDERFUL artistry!

Dave composes, plays, and mp3s his music for your listening enjoyment!

STILL under construction!
Cocktail piano to original classical.

There's lots more @
Take a tour of the rest of our site!
Kenny and Dave Co*Star's.
Kenny's the Bad Angel, and Dave is the good yet bitchy Angel, but then he is also the author of these pages and thinks WAY too highly of himself and Nature!
We're BOTH, VERY psychic!
So are YOU!
So is every plant, animal, and mineral around you!

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Due to the very nature of the net, someday these links will no longer work.
(I won't be around to update them, and then it will be dropped from the ring.)
My TRUE life, is stuck in your Collective Consciousness, and THAT, my dears is what I've ALREADY achieved. Seth and Jane told me I didn't HAVE to do anymore than what I already HAD done...go through that interactive nature experiment, but I tried anyway. Can't convince people there's more to life than maximizing profits, now, can I? Even skeptics get their beliefs reflected by nature's mirrors of perception.
But understand, magic happens!

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