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My name is Jessica Duarte, and I am a sophomore here atCalifornia Baptist College. I plan on graduating in the spring of the year 2001. With my B.A in Music and a minor in theater. I would like to teach in public and private schools, as well as aiding my future husband with his work as a Software Engineer.

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The Trumpet Player's Home Page
  This page will house links to other Trumpet player pages techniques.
"Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky and Ravel
My favorite piece of music! I will include a repetoire, thumbnails of the paintings the songs were inspired by, and a few exerpts, as space allows. This is a required piece for all music majors, piano,voice or otherwise!
Modern Oratorios
My favorite called "A Savior".  I would like to see it performed at CBC by the time I graduate.
My personal Page
Updated regularly with Netscape Gold 3.0
The FBC Barstow Home Page
Thanks to Kathy Fierro for her liason work on the WWW Page- and we will see you all soon! I miss you!

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