WeLCoMe To Sh3No0Na's WorLD
WeLCoMe To Sh3No0Na's WorLD

You Are ViSiToR NumBer SiNCe 15/3/1997

Dear GuesTs .. I Hope I Can Show The Best Hospitality With The HeLp oF The Few Lines BeLLow

As A StarT .. P.O.W.'s GaVe OuT LoTs oF Things .. We MUST NOT FORGET THEM

Do YoU LiKe To DoWnLoaD .. Here Are Few Things YoU Can DownLoad

Some HomePaGe's ThaT I Like .. Each oNe Has SomeThinG Special

Special PLaCes iN The NetSCape ThaT I LiKe


iT's Really Hard To Talk About Your Self
LeT Me Think .. What Can I Say About My Self ??!!

WoULD YoU LiKe To See Me ??!! .. MY ADVICE .. DON'T

    Who Am I ??!!
I'm A Female CaLLed Sh3No0NaOH .. You ALL Know ThaT .. iT's NoT New
    How Old I Am ??!!
I Can'T Say .. BECOUSE With Every Minute iT Change Hmmm My BirThDay iS 5/11/1977 iF You Want .. YoU Can CaLcuLate iT
    Where Do I Live??!!
I'm Sure You Know My Adress ..iT's.. Kuwait .. Earth .. Space
    What Do I Study ??!!
I Study CoMPuTeR EnGineeRinG iN Kuwait University

I'm ReaLLy StucKiS There Any Thing Else That I Missed ??!!

We Are Near The EndMy Heart iS Going CrazyWiTh iN Minutes YoU'LL Sign My GuesTBo0K Or E-MAIL METo GiVe YoUr OpinionWhiCh Means ALOT FOR ME

Look aT My GuesTBo0K .. iT's askinG YoU To SinG iT .. So PLeaSe Do

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I'LL Be So HaPpY iF I GeT A MaiL PleaSe MaKe Me HaPpY..&.. HanD Me one

Email: sh3no0na@hotmail.com

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