Lars-Åke Franke-Blom - Composer, Sweden

Lars-Åke Franke-Blom

Composer, Sweden

Photo by Åke Bjurhamn

Born in Norrköping on the 4th April 1941.

Although self-taught as a composer, he received composition lessons from Nils Eriksson, Norrköping, and Daniel Börtz, Stockholm.

He made his composing debut 1975 with Suite for flutes and percussion instruments. In the same year Norrköping Symphony Orchestra performed his first orchestral work, Movements from 1973. He is active in Norrköping, where on several occasions he has collaborated with the local symphony orchestra.

A major orchestral work is the symphonic poem, Längtans väv (Web of yearning) from 1984. It was awarded one of the first prizes in the International New Music Composers Competition 1989/90.

He has composed an opera for children, The troll battle, 1979 of which the Folkopera in Stockholm has given more than 150 performances all over Sweden.

In 1982 he was commissioned by the Swedish Television and the Swedish National Theatre to compose ballet-music for the Cramér Ballet Company in Stockholm., Brudarnas källa, which was presented both in a stage version and on TV.
During 1989-96 he has been composing an opera about a Swedish boxer, Harry Persson, an opera commissioned by the Royal Opera in Stockholm.

1991 he was commissioned both by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra to compose a symphony. (Symphonies 2 and 3)

Photo by Åke Bjurhamn
Lasse together with the former member of the board of Norrkoping´s Symphony Orchestra Olle Anderberg.

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