matchristopher's Home Page

Well, people, this is a homepage for this wonderful girl named Angie Lin, as you can see from the title of the page, but anyway, she is a ballet dancer,, and convinced me to make this humble little effort to show what ballet is to the uneducated of the world. I dont know much about it myself, but I am hoping to learn something in the process of making the homepage, if Angie will tell me anything, hint, hint Angie. She is a wonderful, multitalented, beautiful lady, who is a teenager, like me, and she is totally in love with ballet. You can write to her at

Sorry about the picture quality, it is not so great.

Angie: this tells you how many people came to your page. :)

These are the links to the rest of the page, enjoy the tour, and hopefully learn something while you are at it, I certianly am.

Pictures of Ballerinas and the guys, whatever they are called.

Links to other pages with lots of cool information.

A wonderful but short dictionary of ballet terms.

A bunch of links to other dance sources.

A faq (Frequently Asked Questions) about ballet.

The Kirov Ballet, pictures and stories.

Or, you can write to me, which I would appreciate for any comments or suggestions at my email address.