Our Blessed Mother's Page

Our Blessed Mother's Page

"Upon this woman, the masterpiece of God's creation, would be bestowed many titles, each vying with the other to reflect in some manner her beauty, her dignity, her uniqueness, the qualities of her love. She will be called 'Mother of Divine Grace . . . Seat of Wisdom . . . Cause of our Joy . . . Spiritual Vessel . . . Mystical Rose . . . House of Gold . . . Ark of the Covenant . . . Gate of Heaven . . . Queen of Angels, Prophets and Apostles . . .' But no title will be greater than 'Mother of God.'"

The Rosary of the most Blessed Virgin. The word Rosary comes from the Latin word Rosarium, a rose garden. The Rosary is a garden filled with lovingly repeated invocations to Our Lady, God the Father and the Blessed Trinity.
The Rosary of Our Lady consists of fifteen decades dedicated to fifteen mysteries in the life of Jesus and Mary.
It is piously believed that the Rosary was given to St. Dominic by Our Lady while he was combeting the Albigensian heresy in the South of France, warly in the thirteenth century. It is also believed that the Rosary was in use long before that time as "a poor man's Psalter," the 150 Hail Marys taking the place of the 150 Psalms.
Whatever its origin, it has proved to be a powerful weapon against evil, and as Pope Leo XIII declared, the best and most fruitful means of invoking Our Lady. Mary herself has called for its recitation many times, most notably at Fatima in 1917.
St. Louis De Montfort, the great and extraordinary preacher of the Rosary said: "Let me place the rosary around a sinner's neck and he will not escape me." St. Dominic, great promoter of the Rosary said: "A day will come when our Lady will save the world by the Rosary."
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Prayers. I collected all of my favorite prayers to our Blessed Mother. Click here to go to the prayers site.

Consecration. I have just recently consecrated myself to Our Blessed Mother. I have always loved her very much and I felt called to consecrate myself to her. I have begun a Consecration page, with prayers and info on preparing to be consecrated to Our Lady.

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