Delilah's Place

Delilah's Place

This page is not likely to be updated much from now on, unless I get a lot more free time unexpectedly. But for those of you who like the site and are interested in hearing more about/from me can check out my live journal, which I try to update on a semi-regular basis.

Welcome to my internet home. I encourage you to peek in all the different rooms. Step into the music hall to learn about my somewhat varied tastes in music. In the library I'll chat about my various favourite authors and maybe even talk a little about my own writing endeavours. Come on over to the rink and we'll talk about figure skating and all my favourite underdog figure skaters. And in the infirmary I'll talk a little about my experiences as a nurse.

I am also incurably camera happy and have albums full of pictures. I am presently working on an internet gallery which will link to this page and vise versa. The pictures range from vacation shots to my cats to some of the concerts I've been to.

Photo Gallery

Incidentally, I am only too happy to lend out the pictures that belong to me, but please ask me first, and be sure to credit me.

Something new has been added. In one of several internet incarnations I have chosen, I have decided to declare my fanaticism for the musical Cats. Please do check it out.

The Bricklayer's Arms

I have to make a note here, for reasons beyond my control, I no longer have access to management of The Bricklayer's Arms. The email displayed there is also no longer active, and I cannot approve entries to the guestbook, either. I will be trying to take it down once I have saved all the content (with the exception of the original fan fic), though I may repost it later. If you wish to email me, you can use the email displayed below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Finally, I want to know who is visiting my web home and what you think of it, so pleasesign my guestbook before you leave. Your comments will be screened before they are posted, due to unscrupulous advertisers who have been filling it up of late. And you can also view the guestbookto see what other people are saying. Then there is the old guestbook, which you can look at to see who was visiting my page when it was still new. (It's probably over ten years old now.)

So please make yourself at home. Mi casa es su casa, and all that. Also if you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc, I would love to hear from you. I can't promise that I will answer very promptly, but I'll do my best.

Tell me what you think

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