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This site is a highly selective compilation of my favorite websites about Israel and Judaism, ones that I return to frequently. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of websites about Israel and Judaism. I also chose them because many of them are unique, and/or reflect my own views about Israel and Judaism. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:

  • Israeli and international news sources
  • Israeli Politics and Government
  • Arab Info
  • Universities and Pluralistic Israel Programs
  • Jewish/Israeli Search Engines
  • Torah Learning & Information about the Jewish Religion
  • Israel and Judaism Search

  • Israeli and international news-sources

    The Jerusalem Post (Israeli Jewish newspaper. If all the ads don't bother you, this is probably the best site for Israeli news in English. Sometimes has a right-of-center spin.)

    Ha'aretz Newspaper (Israeli Jewish newspaper. Sometimes has a left-of-center spin.)

    Debka (Cutting-edge journalism about the Middle East, right-wing bent, pro-Israel.)

    CAMERA (Reports on accuracy of media portrayals of Israel.)

    CNN (Accused of having a left-wing, anti-Israel spin.)

    Fox News (Accused of having a right-wing, pro-Israel spin. Look at both CNN and Fox and maybe you'll get something close to the truth.)

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  • Arab News and Information

    Arab Net (I included these sites not because I endorse them, but because it's important to see primary Arab and Palestinian news sources.)

    Islamic Association of Palestine

    Palestinian Authority

    Palestine Net


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  • Israeli Politics and Goverment

    The Office of the Prime Minister of Israel (It's important to get information about Israeli politics not only from news sources, but from Israel itself. Hence this selection of sites.)

    Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Embassy of Israel

    Israeli Government Press Office

    A good guide to most of the agreements between Israel and the Palestinians

    Information Regarding Israel's Security (From a decidedly pro-Israel perspective.)

    Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

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  • Universities, Pluralistic Yeshivot, and Educational Programs in Israel

    These are links to non-coercive, pluralistic Jewish educational institutions in Israel, all of which I have a relationship with. I would be happy to discuss learning in Israel (universities and yeshivot) with anyone who is considering studying in Israel.

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Incredible degree programs and year programs in English.)

    Pardes Institute of Jewish Education (Intensive Jewish text study in a comfortable, non-denominational, co-ed environment. Top-notch teachers. From complete beginners to advanced. Jerusalem.)

    The Hartman Institute (Rabbi David Hartman's institute in Jerusalem. Top-notch Jewish scholars, cutting edge studies in pluralistic Jewish thought and education. A great variety of programs offered.)

    Livnot U'Lehibanot (A fantastic program of learning, hiking, and community service. A number of programs available. Probably best for those new to Israel and to Jewish learning.)

    Ta Shma (A relative new-comer to the pluralistic Jewish yeshiva world, but exciting and unique. Rather than being non-denominational, they try to be multi-denominational by actively including all denominations in their programming. Jerusalem.)

    Melton Mini-School (A comprehensive, pluralistic Jewish learning opportunity specifically for adults, primarily in cities throughout North America, who do not have an extensive background in Jewish learning.)

    Israel Programs (A great variety of Israel programs of all types from the World Zionist Organization.)

    birthright Israel (If you're a Jewish college or graduate student, Birthright Israel will send you on a free trip to Israel. You choose a 10-day program from the list of approved programs from a variety of trip organizers.)

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  • Torah Learning & Information about the Jewish Religion

    This is a very eclectic collection of resources. You'll find Jewish music, Torah learning from a wide array of perspectives, resources for Jewish educators, information on Zionism and making Aliyah, and a few random sites like a cafe-bookstore in Jerusalem and a site that can help you find an apartment in Jerusalem. Enjoy :)

    Edah (Rabbi Saul Berman's organization dedicated to thinking critically and openly about the ideology, values, and challenges of Modern Orthodoxy. There's a great resource library.) (Lisa Katz's encylcopedia-style website focusing on Judaism, Jewish Culture and Israel, from a pluralistic perspective.)

    Atid (ATID is a special program for professional Jewish educators which aims to foster innovative thought on the crucial issues facing Jewish education. Check out the ATID fellows' journal.)

    Go Daven! (Information about thousands of Orthodox minyanim worldwide, including a great collection of resources about prayer.)

    MyJewishLearning (One of the best Judaic studies reference sites around.)

    Yeshivat Har Etzion Virtual Beit Midrash (A wide variety of articles on Torah and Judaism, from the rabbis at Yeshivat Har Etzion, just outside of Jerusalem. Check out their yeshiva (Modern Orthodox, Zionist) as well.)

    Yeshivat Bat Ayin (A unique Orthodox Yeshiva filled with great guys, an incredibly spiritual atmosphere, and great learning. Check out the music from the Bat Ayin Band while you're there.)

    Reb Shlomo Music (A great collection of Reb Shlomo Carlebach's music. Not to be missed.)

    Reform Responsa (An interesting look into the Reform movement's views on Jewish law.)

    Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Responsa (The same idea as the previous site, except from the Conservative Movement's point of view.)

    Shema Yisrael Torah Network (A great variety of learning opportunities, including a smicha program leading (potentially) to ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. Orthodox.)

    Chaburas (Rabbi Aaron Ross' compilation of articles on interesting topics of Jewish law.)

    Flathunting (Looking for an apartment in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, short-term or long-term? Check out this site.)

    Orthodox Union (North American Orthodox center for synagogues, kashrut, youth groups, outreach, Torah study, and more. You'll find a great variety of resources and opportunities for Torah study here.)

    Aish HaTorah (A great resource for basic information about Judaism, from a highly successful Orthodox outreach organization based in Jerusalem.)

    Tanach Study Center (Rabbi Menachem Leibtag's TSC is designed to provide the student with a structured learning program for the self-study of Tanach. An indespensable site for learning about Tanach.) (An Orthodox website that teaches great Torah, from beginners to more advanced.) (Shir-Yaakov Feinstein-Feit's incredible collection of original Jewish music and musical midrash.)

    A Town Crier Blog (A sampling from the world of Jewish bloggers. Check out the links to other bloggers.)

    Lookstein Center (From Bar Ilan University in Israel, this organization's purpose is to advance diaspora Jewish education. A great resource for Jewish educators.)

    My Jewish Learning (A fabulous pluralistic educational resource about Judaism and Israel organized by Hebrew College in Boston.)

    Itim--The Jewish Life Information Center (A great resource for those looking for information on Jewish life-cycle events. Their staff can answer any question you have.)

    Ohr Torah Stone (Rabbis Shlomo Riskin and Chaim Brovender's organization of modern Orthodox, Zionist educational institutions in Efrat, just outside of Israel. Great resources for Jewish internet learning.)

    Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (Rabbi Avi Weiss' yeshiva in Manhattan. It's a more open, modern, critical type of Orthodoxy than what you'll find at Yeshiva University.)

    World Zionist Organization (A great educational resource about Israel, Judaism, and Zionism. They can also help you make aliyah :)

    The Western Wall (See the Western Wall live!)

    Tmol Shilsom Bookstore-Cafe (Possible the greatest cafe in Israel. I was one of the very first cooks there.)

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  • Jewish/Israeli Search Engines

    Jewish Net

    The Guide to the Israeli Internet



    Jacob Richman's Website (Everything you wanted to know about Judaism and Israel on the internet.)

    Israel and Judaism Search

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