Neouser's Honda/Acura Web Page…

A few articles on Honda/Acura performance…




Turbos vs. Superchargers and detailed descriptions of each (7 pages)

Very detailed Supercharger info, requirements, and care (3 pages)

Turbo and Supercharger Kits

Information on the Zex Nitrous Oxide Kit (3 pages)

Honda's VTEC B18C1 with OBD-I takes on Toyota's VVTL-i. (1 page)

Required reading for the performance enthusiast. The general performance FAQ AT

All you ever wanted to know about fuel, gasoline, and additives. (Warning: chemistry and mathamatical formulas involved)

Temple of VTEC Integra resource.

Detailed information on LS/VTEC and motor swaps as well as general Honda info.

California Smog Law information. Want LS/VTEC legally here? Forget it.

Jackson Racing's Web Page. Win a free supercharger.

Geeser's GSR web page. Lots of info on the GSR as well as tips and hints.

More to come soon!