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Cute and sweet, yet won't cause tooth decay!!


Welcome to Jesse and Nicole's homepage. It's nothing exciting right now, and probably never will be.  This is just a place for those long awaited photos for friends.  The photos are finally here!!  They're under the links below ... i'll put them in a more convenient spot as I learn how ... We appreciate you stopping by!!


If you've already seen our pics and have nothing else to do, here are some suggestions ...
Look at our pics again ... after all, can you REALLY get too much of Jesse & Nicole??  (I don't think so...)
E-mail us and let us know you were here
Clean that drawer that is full of stuff you'll never use but can't throw out
Wipe off your computer screen...It's filthy!!
Stop reading this stupid list and do your math homework
OK...if you're still reading you should be shot and put out of your misery


Jesse (eyes closed) & Nicole (eyes open)







Let us know if you have any suggestions for our page!!  Thanks for visiting!!