Death Ambient - CMI STYLE Audio samples from artists on Cold Meat Industries, Death Factory, and Cruel Moon

C  M  I     S  t  y  l  e

Aghast - Call from the Grave (taken from "Hexeri im Zwielicht der Finsteris")

Arcana - Angel of Sorrow (taken from "Dark Age of Reason")

Atomine Elektrine - Severance (taken from "Elemental Severance")

Brighter Death Now - I Wish I was a Little Girl (taken from "The Absolute Supper")

Cintecele Diavoli - The Devil Must Kill (taken from "The Absolute Supper")

ConSono - Beyond the Ocean (taken from "Hymns of Deceased Deities")

Desiderii Marginis - Solemn Descent (taken from "Songs Over Ruins")

Deutsch Nepal - Logo (taken from "The Absolute Supper")

Ildfrost - So the Vision Spoke (taken from "Autumn Departure")

In Blind Embrace - Tormentors song (taken from "Songs from the Shadows")

In Slaughter Natives - Transcendental Carnation (taken from "Enter Now the World")

Memorandum - New Primitivism (taken from "Ars Moriendi")

Mental Destruction - Wound (taken from "When Madness Strikes")

Morthound - Whole End (taken from "The Goddess Who Could Make the Ugly World Beautiful")

Mortiis - Keiser av en Dimension Utjent (taken from "Keiser av en Dimension Utjent")

Mz.412 - Vampiir of the North (taken from "Burning the Temple of God")

Nacht - Svartsinn (taken from "The Absolute Supper")

Ordo Equilibrio - Where Happiness Ruled (taken from "Reaping the Fallen...")

Penitent - Det Sorte Tjern (taken from "Meloncholia")

Puissance - Control (taken from "Let Us Lead")

Raison D'etre - The Verge of Somnolence (taken from "The Absolute Supper")

Sanctum - Envy (taken from "Lupus in Fabula")

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