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Kammermusik Chamber Ensembles of Kansas City is composed of talented amateur and professional musicians from
 Kansas City and surrounding areas.

We were originally established in Kansas City in 1994 and many members have played off and on togther for many years.

In its present form, Kammermusik plays all variations of the Woodwind Chamber Music Literature.
We have a Woodwind Trio Sonata Group (A=440 & A=415) with Harpsichord, Organ and Cello Continuo.

We also have an excellent pianist which allows us to expand our repertoire.

  Most of the musicians play in various other musical venues in and around Kansas City.

A bi-annual woodwind music get together is held at the Missouri Lake of the Ozarks.
This was the home of our first and second Kammermusik Woodwind Camp

Check below to find out who we are.

We enjoy our time making music and having fun!

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The Kammermusik Ensembles and Musicians.

Previous Santa Fe Members

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At the 2003 board meeting of Kammermusik, it was decided that the annual Woodwind Camp would become an entity of its own and as of September 1, 2003 the one group became two.

The director of the new Kammermusik Woodwind Workshop is Keith Bowen. He continues to plan a yearly workshop in the summer as well as a Presidents Day weekend workshop in February.

For Information about the

Kammermusik Woodwind Workshop

2009, Santa Fe, NM

Go to the Kammermusik Woodwind Workshop home page:



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Various faces and places over the years.

Pictures from the 2002 Workshop can be found here!

2000 and 2001(Our five year anniversary in 2000!)

    Visit: The 1998-1999 Woodwind Camp in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    A report on: The First(1996) and Second (1997) Annual MISSOURI OZARKS WOODWIND CAMP


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Patrick Berry
Director Kammermusik Ensembles of Kansas City


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