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A few words about myself.
I was born in Ukraine, coming to Australia five years ago. Since completing high school, I have tried to find who I wanted to be and I what I wanted to do. During my search I tried different fields including accounting, electrical engineering before eventually being satisfied with computer programming.
In programming my interest lie in system development, database applications, and creating GUI(s). Having had the experience of dealing with many languages, I prefer using Delphi and C++ due to the power and flexibility they both offer. Currently I'm working as a software developer, programming Internet e-comerce web cites, on-line databases, search engines and plain old html in general. While working full time, I am also finishing my Bachelor of Computer Science and Software Engineering degree at Swinburne University.
Listening to music helps me work as I mach my keystrokes to the rhythm of the song. I enjoy listening to the Beatles, Abba, Queen, the Eagles, ELO, and classical violin. While in the past I enjoyed American contemporary music, my acquired knowledge of English soon revealed the shallowness of their lyrics. On the contrary, the Beatles lyrics, while being simple, proved to be enlightening and enchanting. While being a Beatles fanatic, I still remain loyal to my country; with listening to Russian folk/rock music being one of my favourite pass times. With the help of my friends, who are the greatest source of my expanding collection - constantly bring back new CDs whenever they visit Russia, I have collected a huge number of CDs over the years. Thanks to their overwhelming generosity, I now posses a staggering collection of over 60 CDs!!!
Apart from listening to music, in my spare time, I like playing table tennis with my brother and playing pool with my friends.
Unfortunately I can't utilise my knowledge and skills of dynamic web developing, due to strict Geocities policies regarding ASP and/or Cold Fusion scripting.
This page is under come back sJ J n !!!!!!!!!!
Meanwile you can visit my other web site - Odessa Photo Gallery with a few images from a city I love and come from.
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