the online portfolio of Mike Sullivan
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Mike Sullivan is a multi-disciplinary artist living and showing prolificlly in East Vancouver.
7 printmaking methods    1997
the portrait     ongoing 
the 3 minute portrait experiment
(25 in a 3 day marathon) 2003
the Carnegie Hall Sessions   2001
lil' nudes (paint on photograph of large life studies) 1997-2003
pen & ink drawings from t.v.   1994

"Rachmaninoff" & other Composers
(very recent work in development)   2003
portrait of an artist as a young man
(& other novels drawn by me2000-2002
paintings of C.R. Avery's "A Shotgun Wedding"  2002
the quick brown fox    2002

insurmountablemojo  (4 songs)   2003
the diarial adventures of Mickey the Swan   2002 (the late 20th Century . Bop1988
a contribution to Jabbar Al Janabi's  "Anu"2001
commercial work     ongoing
early work (studies of bus stops & bars) 1988

 "> Mike Sullivan Commissioned Portraits Print Shops Gallery Shows Professional Work Musician Education Computer Skills Parental Skills Online Portfolio Commissioned Portraits Graham Clark Vancouver, 2003 portrait of a local comedian. Jody Ann Zinner Vancouver, 2003 a watercolour painting of a Commercial Drive painter Robin Mathews Vancouver, 2002 an editioned linocut print of a Canadian author. C.R. Avery Vancouver, 2002 5 portraits used in event posters and as the rotating cover for C.R.'s c.d. "Disclosure." They've since been used as the introduction to C.R.'s documentary by Sebnem Koyuncu. David Baldwin & Connie Farrel Vancouver, 2001 pastel. Print Shops BenwellAtkins Vancouver, 2002-2003 I ran the joint. Learned a variety of book making techniques, the latest in offset printing technology, and disc to fuji plate stripping. I also established full time benefits for the part time/full time staff. Direct Image ScreenWorks Vancouver, 2002 print, design, color separation, darkroom. Hamilton Graphics Vancouver,1999 shop maintenance and printer's assistant. Blue Sky full time and occasional 1998-2001 (quit, fired, laid off and rehired 3 times) precision automatic printer, heat press, manual printer, maintenance. The Stockroom Edmonton,1994 cleaning silkscreens University of Alberta Edmonton,1994-1997 Copperplate printing on brand and griffin presses; viscosity, muti-plate, and de-gre-de printing; photoetching, sugarlift, wintergreen transfer, airbrush aquatint and drypoint etching; Stone and photo lithography on an offset printer; One plate intaglio, relief and collograph printing on a mylander press, linocut reduction and jig saw on a hydraulic press, silkscreen reduction. University of Lethbridge Lethbridge, 1991-1994 Zincplate printing on brand and griffin presses; soft ground, spray bomb and aquatinting. Ronald's Printing Edmonton 1990 Bindery, 1984 Papercutter. Gallery Shows upcoming show tenatively titled: "Mickey the Swan learns to Paint" the Britannia Gallery Project, Britannia Branch Public Library (curator: July'04. This links to a preview of the unfinished show. li'l nudes 11 diagrams for ideas about one Lugz, Dec., 2003 - Jan., 2004. Layer Upon Layer rare old ingredients for conjuring sublimity Turks, Dec., 2003 - Jan., 2004. 5 viscosity etchings, 2 linocuts, some acetate paintings and xeroxes, 3painted photographs, and a pastel portrait. Artists Against War the W.I.S.E. Hall-Vancouver, Jan., 2004 A large (pregnant) nude. 3 peices for Anu the Roundhouse-Vancouver, Oct., 2003 A viscosity etching, a pastel face, and a diary book. li'l nudes 28 diagrams for ideas about us Mecca-Vancouver, June-July, 2003. We Are All Poetry joint show with Jordan Bent Bukowski's-Vancouver, March, 2003. 7 illustrated books mounted in pedestal frames. (curator: Melinda Barker) 7 portraits & 12 li'l nudes Don Giovanni's- Vancouver, Feb., 2003 the East Side Culture Crawl the Mergatroid Building-Vancouver, 2002: 11 li'l nudes. TheErotic Show the Back Alley Gallery-Vancouver, 2002 (curator: Mad Dog) One of Many Incremental Magics Ishtar Gallery,Vancouver, BC, 2001: Linocut Reduction (curator: Jabbar al Janabi) I Should Paint This Aunt Leah's, Vancouver, BC, 2000: Assemblage Print Show FAB Gallery, University of Alberta, 1997: 1 silkscreen print. Graduate Show FAB Gallery, University of Alberta, 1997: 4 photo-etchings and a figure drawing. Posters and Prints Fringe Gallery-Edmonton, Alberta, 1995: 2 silkscreen posters. Solo Show Weinlos Bookstore-Edmonton, Alberta, 1987: Series of plain air drawings from cafes and taverns. Musician the Railway Club Vancouver, 2004 Performance for "Folk You"coming up in May. the Cottage Bistro Vancouver, 2004 Performance with the Listening Society and Kathara. El Cocal Vancouver, 2003 Bob's Blues Jam and others. the Listening Society Vancouver, 2004 Performance for the Listening Society's New Year's Eve Party. the Listening Society Compilation #1 Vancouver, 2004 One song of mine included. Professional Work EastSideEternity Drawing for "Paris Nights" Vancouver 2003 Image for C.R.Avery's show at the Pharmacie Esperanza Montreal, 2003 Image used for "Paris Nights" New York, 2002 Poster for "A Shotgun Wedding" Vancouver, 2002 "Disclosure"Vancouver, 2002 5 portraits used in event posters and as the rotating cover for C.R.'s c.d. "disclosure" CandyVisions Vancouver, 2003 A website for a photographer/filmaker. With A Twist Vancouver, 2002 Porcelain Painter The Britannia Community Centre Vancouver, 2002 Drawing from life model Freedom Outfitters Vancouver, B.C., 2001 Some designs and a label for their 2002 Springline of clothing. AnuW.I.S.E. Hall, Vancouver, BC, 2001 & The Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC, 2003 Multimedia Performance Douglas Udell Gallery Vancouver 2000: shipper/reciever, gallery grunt Northland's Agricom Edmonton, Alberta, 1997 Mural for Farm Fair. Andantino's Edmonton, Alberta, 1996 approx. 20' x 10' painting begun four hours before doors opened. Education Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking University of Alberta - Edmonton, Alberta, 1994-1997. Copper Plate Etching- Copper Etching in Ferric Chloride, Photo-Etching, Drawing on the Plate with Various Resists, Drypoint, Sugarlift, Zerox Transfer, Computer Transfer, Airbrush Aquatinting, Viscosity Printing, Color Printing, Editioning. Other Printmaking- Silkscreen Reduction, Drawing and Photo on Screen, Poster making, Word and Image, Linocut, Linocut Reduction, Jig-saw, Relief Engraving and Intaglio on Sintra, Collagraph. Stone Lithography, Photo Lithography, Offset Printing, Day-gre`-day, Photo-process, Enlarger, Photo box, Codalith, Color Printing, Color Separation, 4 color Printing, Editioning. Drawing- Figure Drawing, Anatomical Drawing, Conceptual Drawing, Portraits, Oil and Chalk Pastels, Inks, Conte, Charcoal, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Zerox Enlargement and Contrast, Laser printer, Rag Papers. I have always scored highly in drawing. Art History & Theory- Survey of 18th Century Art, Canadian Portraits, Medieval Art, Film Studies, Poetry, Trained under leading formalist and conceptual artist, local and international(Walter Jule, Lyndal Osborne, Liz Ingram, Ryoji Ikeda, Marna Bunnel, Steve Dixon, Sean Caulfield, Marc Siegner, Robert Sinclair, Tad Warszinski, Rob Von Eshen). Presentation- Regularly required to present initial ideas and finished projects and have managed to be consistently informative and entertaining. Use of 35mm film projector, slide projector. University of Lethbridge - Lethbridge, Alberta, 1991-1994. Zinc Plate Etching- Zinc Etching in Nitric Acid, Drypoint, Soft Ground Etching, Rosin and Spray Paint Aquatinting, Engraving, Rouletting, Viscosity Printing, Relief. Drawing- Figurative Drawing, Life Drawing, Conceptual Drawing, Pen and Ink, Scenography, Plan and Elevation, Photo-Realism, Mural Drawing, Paper Making, Video Editing, Film Animation. Often led the class. Art History & Theory- Survey of 20th Century Art, Modern Art, Modern Music, Canadian Art. Trained under leading conceptual and academic artists.(Marianne Gerlinger, Jeff Spalding, Janet Cardiff, Leslie Dawn, Billy MaCarrol, Catherine Ross, Jennifer Gordon, Herb Hicks, Pat Traer) Writing & Research- Research Essays, Expository Essays, Precises, Library Research, Microfiche, Bibliography, Footnotes. Perfect scores for writing at both universities. (I also proofread reports and essays published by the Canadian Ministery of Forestry.) Grant McEwan Community College- Edmonton, Alberta, 1984-1985. Graphic Art- Design, Composition, Architectural Drawing, Figurative Drawing, Mark making, Line Weight, Cut Outs, Art History. Worked professionally as a display artist. St. Joeseph Composite High School - Edmonton, Alberta, 1983-1984. Commercial Art- 40 credits in Design, Composition, Architectural Drawing, Figurative Drawing, Life Drawing, Painting, Pen and Ink, Contour Drawing, Opaque Projector. Computer Skills Internet- type html, some javascripting. Experienced in image sizing. Web Pages -See linksbelowWord Programs- MS Word, Abode Acrobat, Corel WordPerfect8, Perfect Expert, Presentations8. Graphics Programs- Abode PhotoShop, Image Ready 2, Paint Shop Pro, Pagemaker, Corel Draw, Photo-Paint , Photo House 1.1, Scanning, Color Printing (Lexmark Color Jet Printer). Parental Skills Have brought up a well-read, intelligent, courteous, sentimental boy. Provides me with growing knowledge of fairy tales and universal myths, as well as popular culture. Cooked, Kept House. Patience, Joy of Life. Online Portfolios disciplines: 7 printmaking methods 1997 the portrait ongoing the 3 minute portrait experiment 25 in a 3 day marathon 2003 the Carnegie Hall Sessions 2001 lil' nudes paint on photograph of large life studies 1997-2003 pen & ink drawings from t.v. 1994 sketchbooks: "Rachmaninoff" & other Composers very recent work in development 2003 portrait of an artist as a young man & other novels drawn by me 2000-2002 paintings of C.R. Avery's "A Shotgun Wedding" 2002 the quick brown fox 2002 other: insurmountablemojo 3 songs 2003 the diarial adventures of Mickey the Swan 2002 (the late 20th Century . Bop) a book of poetry 1988 a contribution to Jabbar Al Janabi's "Anu" 2001 commercial work ongoing early work studies of bus stops & bars)1988 Return To Index sign guestbook view guestbook