Dave Sullivan's Website

Dave's Website!!!

Well things are shaking up a bit for once at Dave's Place. The site is going to remain as is mostly but there are going to be branches out soon, mainly into 3 or maybe 4 seperate pages. At the least there will be a classical music/composer resource page, a trombone worship/link/info page, and my personal page, Dave's place as it is now. Right now only 1 of these sites is really ready for viewing but i am working hard to get this thing up and running.
Find broken links etc? email me @ tbone DOT sullivan AT yahoo dot com and tell me about them so i can fix them ok?


Dave's Place
this is my personal page, also the original page at this site. it is in the process of division into more than one website followed by a huge increase in content.

Dave's Trombone Page
my trombone page.... currently under heavy construction while i add links and such. not really there right now but you can look if you want.
Classical music page. not even started yet.