Andrea is a child 12 years old affected by a rare and incurable pathology at the retinas (eyes). The name of this pathology is "Best multifocal" and regards the progressive and unstoppable destruction of the macular area of the retina.
He will became blind in few years. Just now he is almost blind in the left eye (Image A - Image B) and he has got only 4/10 diopters in the right eye. We think it’s a terrible condition, and up above it’s an ineluctable and dramatic destiny.
We are looking for any kind of help by every ophthalmologist (and not) who could add any interesting information about this pathology. At the moment infact, it seems nobody knows how and why this pathology begins (it may be a genetic or infective issue). And more, nobody knows how treat this disease and up above how make stop its evolution.

If you have every kind of help (scientific pubblications, names and addresses of ophthalmologist specialists and university professors, names and addresses of researches ophthalmology laboratories which are working on the issue, or names and addresses of people affected by the same phatology)...

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