...of Home and Den...
         			"there had always       been more... 
                  		 	 	more then  grey   faded wrecks,
			                	           valleys hidden    and forbidden
					where         those  who fly can   find   a warm      shelter
						                    ...beyond the      fog and    the frost  ..."
			                   		  It's always been this way.....   
				  In a world  of infinite images           and  ideas,
									      That cannot   fade, cannot  be stained.
             		                	        The  TIME  was now    !
						This very    moment we are born, brought here.
					Unquestioned, dragged and blinded.		In this         lesser world.
                                                      We  forget   what    we     once    knew,
							  	the things unchanged..		the   images perceived.
					                    What     now ?!
	To be continued,   exposed and     declined...		cracked   down.
								Procedures        begin, memories unforeseen.
		       Now Wonderful   is the way  for my    way
						back home..
		                  abused   and hardly     maintained,        yet there is...


							! We wake up !
										Emotions made   for perception
							made   of  stardust          like passing dreams
										-and the   dreams are ever young-
				      Through the     windy night
			a blurred remembrance		follows, 				around
									dances,      		         around
									like a spring snowflake flake..  around
								-and here- 
Projections on the      weary soul,
	the   body's Den...
	Like an imperfect     steed, almost   free,
disappearing      in the distance
							under HEAVY    rain
								under  darkened  skies
									on the Highway...
			Familiar projections, excitement!	      I yearn      for my home...
   					I think I know    where I      belong!
	In love and with      wings    spread wide...
		I go...
  					I go now...
  								Shadows no     longer shade  ...


 										You ? ....


   (6th Sept. 2000, for my lost happiness)


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