X-treme Adventures Presents: ASCENT ON MT MONADNOCK

Welcome to my Mt Monadnock photo site.
You are climber number on this mountain.

Below are thumbnail photos of the October 24th 1998 ascent on Mt. Monadnock.
My attorney, friend, and fellow X-treme Adventurer, Kenneth Seiger, Esquire, accompanied me on this highly technical ascent which involved surviving several hours in the infamous "death zone" - a place where no pizza is delivered, nor videos rented.

On a beautiful autumn afternoon in New England, two high school buddies got together for a daring attempt to scale the face of the second most climbed mountain in the world.* These photographs -- attained at considerable personal risk -- are the testament to that legendary undertaking.
*A true fact! Mt. Fuji in Japan is the "most climbed mountain in the world".

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