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Want some info about me? I'm getting ready to start my fifth year at MU, double majoring in Electrical and Computer engineering. I love music...from classical to current (excluding the britany-pop-sweet saccharine stuff, of course.) As for the classical music, I play the French Horn and piano, but I hate to practice!! I'm a member of the MU College Bowl team. This is not a bowling team!!!We learn useless trivia and then compete with other teams in a somewhat Jeopardy-like format.

Curious? Want to see if I'm really female? Look at me by clicking on the sexy little anime chick!!! And please pay your respects to the deceased. Stupid driver in his stupid Chevette failing to yield the right of way resulting in an accident. *pout*

Hurray, Hurrah, Mizzou, Mizzou!!!! Take a tour of MU!

Absolut-ly not new anymore. You've seen the ads, and think they're ingenius. Here's my collection! Who would associate with this person? What does she do on the internet? Look for yourself!

Please email me at MU....I can't wait to hear from you!!
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