JJ's Trumpet / Music Geek Page

JJ's Trumpet / music Geek Page

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I hope everyone on this page is enlightened enough to own a STRADIVARIUS, if you aren't then go to Selmer Online

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I try to get the best instrument I can, but whatever instrument I have to play, I play. Ultimately, your sound is just your personality being projected. That's really your sound. And it's good not to be tied to an instrument. I'm not against period instruments. The difference between a tube with two holes and a Trumpet is not that great. It's a matter of the machanization. The sound that you're going to project comes from you. Everything else is an academic argument.
-Wynton Marsalis

It's always cool to have recordings of concertos and songs you are trying to play. I've found this search engine to be prettty good and prices to be pretty reasonable! Check it out:

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Sectons of my wonderful page
My up-and-coming chat page (yea, right!)
MIDI's of songs with cool Trumpet parts
My very helpful Trumpet music and method resourse page
A very helpful Tecnique page for the Trumpet
A conversation with Wynton Marsalis

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