"Make the Music weave a spell, whirl away your worries. Things look almost twice as swell, when they're slightly blurry!
As around and around you go, your spirits will hit the top, and now that we're dancing who cares if we ever stop?"

I tried it: IT WORKS!
(Magic IS as Magic DOES!)

Welcome to the Vox Humana!
When creating the Vox, I considered ONE ideal:
Sharing with neighbors and friends.
Enjoy the Vox Humana!
As always, it is an Honor and Pleasure to serve. Many thanks as well!
-Dave Starkovich

Dear Fellow GeoCitizens,

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

The following is my individual, final, "Vox Humana" for YOU!!!

Life grants wishes to those who dream and choose well.

Enjoy my creativity on our behalf, Friends! The NEW AGE has arrived, whether you know it or not!

Editorial Opinion, Dec 7,1997
We still mourn for our family, friends, and our fellow humans: Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, many, many, many others.
Those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Those dead in the "Ovens", and the millions of dead from life's wars and pestilences.

We've all paid in fire this time.

We continue to suffer.

"God gave Noah the rainbow sign. No more water; fire next time."

Get over YOUR EXPECTATIONS of doom and gloom!
(That means HAVE HOPE!)

"Revisit" your PERSONAL PAST and then read, read, read!

(Pardon me, IF you need to! I've always felt I was a day behind everyone else in figuring things out. Now I realize I have to wait for understanding to catch up to my questions!)

The "fires" have been happening for too many years! See World Wars ONE and TWO. Don't forget our Civil, Korean and Vietnam Vets, either.

Do we really NEED war?
Why do we keep killing our world family to prove a point, or gain an advantage? We neglect the life living in the seas by dumping OUR OWN GARBAGE in it!

The pen is mightier than the sword, but introspection works the best for me. You may find a solution that doesn't even require ANGER, much less fighting about your point! Then communication and building trust will provide the key.
AND you'll EARN the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you solved your problem yourself!

I've faced MANY problems in my life and continue to do so even now. I still make many mistakes, but I feel less guilty about them, and definitely apologize if I think it appropriate, for they are minor.

MY key is Major!

Humankind has survived war so far, at the expense of several of the most gentle (non-aggresive) races cultures of Humankind.

I'm proud of the efforts being made at diplomatic solutions!

Make better efforts, World Governments, it's OUR lives your playing with!

I'm having trouble containing my emotion at this point and my fingers dance wildly over the keys, I feel this so intensely!

But then the music changes and I regain my composure. Music does indeed have charms to soothe the savage breast.

Not since a Christmas (Birth) 2000 years ago has the world been so affected by two deaths, Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. I think a new age officially began with their deaths. The whole world felt their passing. What does it mean? I don't know, but Kenny and I witnessed an air confluence above San Francisco the day we helped my Father decorate his Home, Dec 2nd. It was reported on KRON, channel four, San Francisco, CA, USA. It was magnificent. From our rooftop it looked like a white double-spiraled helix rainbow arching from Mt Tamalpias to wherever the "rainbow" ended. I felt in my gut and throughout my whole being...
It's a rainbow of HOPE!
I could not ignore the fact that from our perspective it resembled our genetic code structure.

With the planets "lining up" the way they are, perhaps Gabriel already blew his horn (see Cole Porter, ANYTHING GOES, BLOW, GABRIEL, BLOW!) and we were expecting to hear it from another source!

That morning, Kenny and I witnessed it and I'm just reporting events, and opining by saying that personally, we're going to enjoy Christmas EVEN MORE this year, I'm SURE of it!
(I Hope!)

Have a merry Christmas, World.

Honor the dead by building today better.

And let's let EVERY CULTURE choose their OWN track.

I wish to see Humankind's Beauty PRESERVED, not undone, AND I refuse to ignore that my personal universe confirmed my BELIEFS this Christmas of 1997 in a very personally appropriate way.
I promise in return to continue to accord my surroundings the proper Respect that ALL THAT IS deserves.

-Dave Starkovich, copyright, December, 1997, ALL PERCEPTIVE RIGHTS RESERVED; I stand behind my words. My buck stops here...

Get ready MEEK, it's YOUR TURN!
The MILLENIUM has arrived a little early!!!

Believe it or not, it IS happening! Always has been, always will be, forever and ever, if we continue to HOPE!


New Year's Evolutions

The Vox is once again
with less work for me!



Creation LOVES offshoots and variety!


That's the purpose of LIFE I think AND feel.
That's what I was taught in catechism class by a fellow human being!
I wonder what I'm learning as a fish? Or maybe I've achieved enough to sing with the Whales next time.

(I hope the ocean doesn't get even dirtier than it is now. Or was it then?!?!?)

(PERHAPS IT'S NOW, THEN, AND IN THE FUTURE, for ever and ever!!!)

New Perspectives are TOUGH to get a handle on!



I notified you all on Halloween, don't forget!

Are you "out" or "in the show" this coming millenium?

I feel the JOY when I do the Mambo! (See DAMN YANKEES!)

You should too!!!

Life's just too wonderful to not feel it!

Feel What?


In life, LOVING is all that matters!

In between lives, we judge ourselves!

SMILE! You're on Collective Consciousness Camera!

We're each just cells in the body of LIFE!

I have my view of it all, so do you. That is the very reason we are different!

I've told you mine, you tell me yours!


For the "builders" of the net, in thanks:

All the kings horses and
all the kings men,
can't put it together
the same way,
ever again.

Think you can get a handle on the MAGIC of LIFE?
"NASDAQ for the next hundred years"...see how shortsighted we can be?

Thanks folks!

To everything turn, turn, turn around and see it ANEW!

I did and what a MAGNIFICENT reality we live in!

Thank you, Jean Baptiste De La Salle, for giving education to the common human. (Happened in the 1600s, and foreshadows our future!)
Thanks Diane, Diana and Theresa for teaching us! Who knew this millenium our teachers would be WOMEN???

The Collective Consciousness KNOWS AND REMEMBERS!!!


I'm WATCHING it happen!

We're each connected and upheld by the Global Consciousness!

Don't ignore that Humanity is just a PART of the whole!
A SMALL part!


Work it out for yourselves, friends!!!

I've shared my HEART right in front of you! But I guess I was just too much myself with my Halloween editorial. Editorials alone, a zine does not make. Others are speaking up these days, so take it away, anyone and everyone. And that's the way it should go these days, cause your view counts too! I'm 'moving' back Home.That's where my Heart is, and my Love...

Only thanks from me, as I learned more than I ever imagined I could. I heard LOVE SHOUTING and I shouted back! I dance in delight these days!


I did! You can too!

Dave Starkovich

P.S. Thanks Mom and Pop!

You taught me well.

"Climb Every Mountain. Search high and low. Follow every byway, every path you know. Climb every mountain. Ford every stream. Follow every rainbow til you find your dream. A dream that will need all the Love you can give, every day of your life for as long as you live. Climb every Mountain. Ford every stream. Follow every rainbow til you find your dream."
From The Sound of Music

Works for me, but then I've found my dream and have the sense to recognize it! You can GROK too! (THANKS, R.H.), GRIN!

Keep Seeking!

Life's a puzzle: figure yourself out! I did!
I'm a conscious co-creator, that's ALL! It's EASY! Consult your HEART before doing.


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You know what to do.
Just do it!