We're having a BABY!!!!!!!!

Our RE estimated our due date as June 28th.....however I think that it is more likely June 30th. After 20 months of infertility treatments and a lot of tears it looks as though our dreams have finally come true. We found out quite by accident...I was just 100% sure that this cycle had failed as I was having so much crampy/abdominal pain. It got so bad that we headed on down to the ER and the first thing they did was run a beta. Low and behold it was POSITIVE.....We found out on Oct. 23rd at 6:47 pm we were gonna have a baby. My first beta came back pretty high at 254 and my RE was just SURE it was twins. That's what we were praying for night and DAY! We went back on the 26th for a repeat beta and it came out at 725....making my RE even more sure that it was twins. 2 days later I had some horribly scary spotting so at 5 weeks exactly we went in for our first u/s.....they saw only one baby but it had a gestational sac and was in the uterus. So I had to make the agonizing wait for one whole week to see if our baby was going to make it. Nothing in my life has been as terrifying. We went back on Nov. 4th at exactly 6 weeks and got to see our baby FINALLY...tadpole had a heart beat of 115 BPM and looked PERFECT....I cried the whole way home....Click here to see baby's first pictures.

We then had another hurdle come up in our path my progesterone was low to begin with and just started dropping rapidly. It went from 19 to 14 to 12.5 to 10 and we're still waiting to find out what it did this week. This meant I had to be put on bi weekly 2500 IU progesterone in oil shots that HURT SO BAD. My butt is bruised and it hurts to sit but I would do them DAILY if my baby needed it. Because of this we've been given weekly u/s the next one was at 7 weeks ...the baby looked good had a h/r of 136 BPM and was just about as perfect as could be click here to see our 7 weeks u/s.

We had our next u/s on Thursday Nov. 18th and you could finally see that our baby really IS A BABY. He measured 13 MM long and a heart beat of 170 BPM. It was amazing....I had really prepared myself to have bad news because this pregnancy has been so rocky. But I got GREAT news instead. You can click here to see his first recognizable picture.

I go back for another u/s on December 2nd and am just praying with everything in me that everything will be alright. The u/s is just 4 days before my 20th birthday and I can not think of ANYTHING better for a birthday present than to know my baby is healthy and growing like a weed. I will update this with more u/s pictures and the such as we go along......pray for us as I pray for you all every day of my life!

Well I'm 10 weeks 2 days now...we had our u/s yesterday and it was SO amazing to see that tiny little baby kicking around in my tummy. He was originally asleep and I was SO SAD I wanted to see him moving so the tech poked my cervix and BOOM did he come to life. WE have 5 beautiful pictures and I scanned them all into one =0) Anywas click here So see his 10 week picture. Also on a very good note my progesterone has started to finally come back up it's at 13 now. I'm still scared every time they draw it that it will have dropped and something will be wrong but I am trying to have faith and stay calm.

Wow I'm a little behind in updating this thing! *lol* Anyways let's see I had my progesterone drawn at 11 weeks and it was up to 15.2 which made both me and the nurses happy. Then on the 15th of December we had out first "real" OB appt. I fell in love with this Dr.! She is so amazing. I was nervous and shaking and crying cause I was sure something was wrong so the first thing she did was tell me to lay down cause we're gonna find this baby's heart beat. After about 4 minutes her face lit up and she said BINGO and there it was the beautiful sound of the tiny being that's living inside of me. It sounded just like horses galloping and was right at 160 BPM. From there I had a minor freak out episode because my boobs stopped hurting. Thank God I had ordered my own doppler for home from babybeat and it came yesterday, the 20th. So as soon as we got home from buying our new car (whole different story we got a '98 Ford Taurus that's dark green with all the fixins I LOVE IT) out came the doppler and we were gonna listen to his heartbeat. Well talk about scary we didn't read the directions really well and didn't know to point the wand down towards my pubic bone so we couldn't find it. I was getting freaked out and DH was getting mad at me finally by some weird thing he pointed it down and whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh there it was our baby's heartbeat. I breathed a HUMUNGOUS sigh of relief!!!!!!!!! When our family got home we showed them the car first and then everyone gathered around and listened to the newest members of the family's heart beating away. My daddy teared up and my mom beamed....it was so wonderful a sound and feeling. Today the 21st of December I have my last u/s with my RE as soon as I get back I'll scan in the pics. It's nice for the first time in forever I am just ecstatic and excited to go for an u/s because I know my baby is okay!!!! Anyways I gotta go get ready.....lotsa love to all! And I'll post those pics the minute I get back!!!

I'm back the u/s was fun! The baby was squirming and them KABOOM he decided it was nap time he flipped on his back and went to sleep. *lol* Anyways I have pictures you can cick here for his 12 weeks 6 days pictures.

My goodness gracious am I behind!!!!! As we stand I am 22 weeks 1 day pregnant and it is February 23rd. A lot has happenned since my last entry in here.

I had a humungous amount of cramping at 14 weeks and headed into the ER. Every bad thought imaginable ran through my head. Thank god it was just growing pains. Then just 5 days later I had a big bleeding spell, once again I freaked out and headed to the Dr. Come to find out I had a full placental previa (the placenta sits directly over your cervix) I was put on compolete bedrest and told to wait. I had a few more bleeding spell in between there and was incessantly listening to the baby's heartbeat on the doppler I rented!

At 16 weeks I felt my first really big roll it was the neatest feeling. I was ecstatic!!! At week 17 I had my first big barxton hicks contraction which would not go away and headed in for another u/s......everything looked okay I needed to stay on bedrest and we found out we were having a little BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness was my husband one excited daddy!!! We decided on the name Jonathen Richard......however I am leaning towards adding a Michael after the Richard so that not only will he have a part of my grandfather (Richard) but my father as well (Michael) MAybe it's too long don't know yet.

Anyways from there we waited until Feb. 7th when I had my big 20 week u/s. He was still a Jonathen and his heart did not have my defects. (However for my peace of mind I am going to have a fetal echo done on March 2nd just to make sure the perinatologist didn't miss soemthing) He does have kidney reflux but that is super super super common in little boys and was so minor he didn't even denote it in his report. It only means that Jonathen will have to be on antibiotics once he is born. NOT A big deal in the scheme of things. We also found out that his placenta is now officially on the low side of normal so mommy got back a little bit of her activity!!!

On Feb. 17th I rushed to Labor & Delivery thinking I was in premature labor it was the scariest most horrible experience of my life. I knew that they wouldn't/couldn't do anything to save him at 21.5 weeks so needless to say I was a complete and unbearable nervous wreck. Thank god it turned out to be only a urinary tract infection that was causing bladder and kidney spasms. I can not tell you how many times I said thank you lord.

I go on the 7th of March for my 24 week appt. as well as to see if I have Gestational Diabetes. I sure hope not but you never know right? I'll update you then promise. Now that I'm not on full bedrest anymore! =0) Good luck to all!

Shay, Matt, and Jonathen Richard (Formerly known as Tadpole =0) )EDD 6/28/00

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