Here Are Some of My Poems

I find poetry to be one of the best releases that there is!! I recently read some of these and came to realize these were sorely lacking so I have decided to post you some of my newer and much improved poems hope you enjoy them *s*
My secret place
As I close my eyes it all comes into view
The place I have, what a beautiful hue
The colors are amazing but
I only see black and white,
I see everything in slow motion
The children, gleefully innocent
Smiles so broad on their faces
Swings, full of movement and life
and then I open my eyes
and I see the children are all gone
and the swings swaying back and forth
no longer hold vibrant little bodies
The sand turned into mud from days of rain
And I see the lone little girl
who's so very full of pain
I see the mother wanting to hold her
The father yelling and screaming
the child slowly dying
All alone in this big world
So deserted, so misunderstood
I feel her pain
and as I sit down on an old rusty swing
I begin to remember why I hated this life
Why should it be secret?
Why can't I say a word?
As the swing sways slowly back and forth
I once again close my eyes and go to my place
The happy place where no one can touch me
No one can hurt me
Not when I'm an innocent little girl again
And as I close my eyes I see the world
the way I wish I always would
Innocent and charming
and ready for my grasp
and all because of
a swing
one happy object left from my past
and one happy day
when I was allowed to be a child
and just play
We have a love time and space it transcends
We have a love that no mere mortal can understand
Even though the miles keep us physically apart
You are always near my mind and heart
There are always those that do not realize
That love is so much more than the physical side
To touch one's very soul with mere words or thought
Can provoke a deeper love then the mere touch to the body
And the pleasure that is wrought
I love you are often empty words in the heat of passion
But they are passion in the stark reality of longing and separation
You must understand that deep in my heart
I have always loved you right from the start
I have never felt this way before
I feel like I'm walking through a door
A door that is open to love and passion
A door that is open to you and I
This is our door
This is our time
This is our love!
No promises
Angry and bitter
Unfeeling and sad
And you being such a quitter
They say it's so bad
But with pain
Love can come,
To you and me
It can come from
Us, you'll see
I do not promise you
All the lily's of the valley
I do not promise you forever
I do not even promise you ever
I do not plan to give you dozens of roses
And photographs in a thousand poses
I do not promise you all of these things
For their falsity rings and rings
I will not promise you my heart
I can not pledge to you my undying love
I can not promise the sun will shine from above
I do not promise not to lie
If the truth be known maybe you'd die
I will not pledge to you
All these things I can not do
My love holds no emotion
None of the falsity
Just plane and simple reality
Either live and deal
Or walk out, maybe it's not real
I refuse to make
You promises that are fake
I refuse to let you believe
That the world will not deceive
But all I know
Is for the moment
I Love You

To a very special person:

A diamond for my Tiara
They say every princess deserves a prince And what would a Tiara be without it's prized diamond? The diamond is what completes it, makes it whole Makes it shimmer and glow to the world A diamond is a precious jewel, Once you've found one you'll do anything, Absolutely anything to keep ahold of it To hold it in your hand and cherish it Watching it gleam under the light of your love It's not often that you find a jewel as pure as a diamond It has fire, a fire that you can see from the inside out, It has charisma and character and..... and the ability to charm even the coldest heart, When they said a diamond is a girls best firend they weren't lying Because if you have one, a true jewel, It'll be all that is on your mind, it'll be your best friend It'll be your only friend in times of great need I think I've finally found my diamond Only time will tell, and only I will know But in the end I'll always be thankful for the journey The journey to find a diamond for my tiara

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