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            PAMELAH is a famous Rock n Roll band in Japan. They founded at 1995. They have released 3 Albums and 7 Singles totally.The first album is called TRUTH, released on 21-12-95, the second album is called PURE, it released on 4-9-1996. The latest album is called SPIRIT, same as shown on left. It is released on 26-3-97. It consists 11 songs, most of the songs are fast-medium speed melody. If you like to listen keyboard, heavy bass and elect-guitar music, I would recommend this CD to you! PAMELAH consist two members. Yuki Mizuhara on voice and all the word of  lyrics are written by her!! (wow) Masazumi Ozawa on guitar and all music & arrangement are done by him! (woww) What are professional band! I do not know this band's history and news much, if you have some news or their profile/stories about them, please feel free to email me, I must update it as soon as possible I can.
Want to know their released singles and album? PAMELAH  DISCOGRAPHY


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