...Past The Fear That Hides The Pleasure...

Yes, yes, yes, I did more remodeling!! Isn't it exciting? Made some permanent, long awaited, and much needed changes to my little home. Click HERE to see the changes.

Okay everyone, bear with me. I just got my comp back and working now, and I have alot of NEW changes to be made. Updating links, updating ifo, throwing shit out, bringing new shit it, blah blah blah, all you other homepage owners know how that is. In a few weeks, I should have this site better looking, well, I hope so...don't hold your breath. Slowly but surely...Bear with the shittiness for the time being.

Use the imagemap to find your way around, or, if you prefer (for those who don't appreciate the time and effort I put into the map *sniff sniff* ), use these boring looking links instead.

Evo Girl -- Biography
Obsession -- Serial Killers
Rings -- Webrings and Awards
The Dark Side -- Gothic
Screams -- Poetry
Sounds -- Music
Sights -- Movies
Miscellaneous -- Net Friends, Links to the bizarre, Art...