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I live in LuleŚ and works as Headmaster at Tunaskolan. My professional teaching subjects are civics and history. Besides, I feel very comfortable with living here... Since 1997, I'm married to Camilla; of course she's a Teacher too. So far, she hasn't any homesite by herself ,but maybe in the future. In february 2000, our daughter Elin was born. She is the most wonderful little being. February 2002, Hanna was Born so the family grows and prosper.
Choirsinging is one of my greatest interests; mixed choir and male choir as well. Male quartetsinging is one of the best moments in my life. Right now I'm a member of the LuleŚ KammarkŲr.

Mostly I play piano, but guitar och bass and other things that sounds do I also put my fingers on.
Recently, I could spend some more time in the Woods berrypicking, hunting or just hiking. As I once was a scout I'm addicted to the wilderness...

I use an old Husqvarna 640 30-06 with M98 system to the riflehunting. An old bastard, but works really good and hit whatever in sight, so what can you wish more? A fantastic mechanic system, yet nothing better constructed, and a calibre that could be used for anything between bird and bear.
Mauser 98

I use a Antonio Zoli bochbŁchsflinte (12/12,12/.222 Rem) for any other kind of hunting.

Fishing, then? Allright, last summer I bought my first flyfishing stuff....really funny!
One of my hobbies, photographing, I took up recently after some years. As a service for you I'll tell you what camera stuff I have: (Maybe some pictures will be shown here) Nikon FE+MD-21, Nikon 801, Zoom-Nikkor 24-50AF, 55/2.8 Micro-Nikkor, and Nikkor 180/2.8ED, SB-24 for 35mm, a Seagull super-lowprice-extra-cheap 6x6 camera (quite good, actually!) for portraits and different missions; a camera I own together with my friend Olle Melkerhed who is a professional photographer in Sundsvall.

I read a lot. My favourite is of course Frans G. Bengtsson who left this world a lot too early, lefted too much unwritten. The Icelandic Sagas and different historical literature as Herodotos' history is also worth reading, in my opinion. H.Tingsten and V.Moberg are also writers of my taste, and of course I read different books of many styles and subjects.

Another of my hobbies is cars, something I always terrorizing my enviroment with. A cronological list of my cars through the ages:
-64 Ford Cortina deLuxe
-79 Audi 100 L5D
-72 Saab 99 L 2.0
-84 Saab 900 GL
-72 Saab 96 L rallytrimmad :)(called "the AttackSaab")
-73 Saab 99 L 2.0 Super
-81 Volvo 245 GL
-82 Saab 900 Turbo
-89 Mercedes 300 TE 4-matic.
-88B Audi 100 1.8E
-90 Mazda 323 Estate 4WD
-90 Isuzu Trooper
-01 Opel Zafira 2.2 Elegance (not as exclusive as it maybe sounds)
-97 Toyota LandCruiser 90 TD (KZJ90)
-90 CitroŽn XM Confort -90 -70 CitroŽn DSpťcial -90 CitroŽn CX 25 TGI Familiale -68 CitroŽn DS19S -92 CitroŽn XM V6 Break -73 CitroŽn DS20 Break -75 CitroŽn GS Break -60 CitroŽn ID19 -60 CitroŽn ID19 CitroŽnakuten! A must for every owner of a CitroŽn automobile!!!CitroŽn Association of Northern Sweden

Saab and of course CitroŽn is just for fun, the others just for practical reasons - well, probably not the Cortina: Very special feeling with its diagonal snowtires from 1966. Also doing the maintenance by myself is a good way to relax, but modern cars don't invite you to such works, unless you are an expert. As you probably understood, I am a very active member of the CitroŽn Association in Sweden.

My musical taste i mixed, I could say. In choirmusic I like (for example)Francis Poulenc and Otto Olsson, but J.S Bach is of course the giant here. Even S.E Bšck is an interesting man. C.V Stanford has written some pieces which are lovely to sing and hear. Try them! Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden, Sting, Mats Ronander, Tom Petty and others who play the music by themselves also belongs to my favourites. Well, I also listen a lot to piano music, (the late)Vladimir Horowitz is my favourite pianist, especially when he plays Chopin (just listen to op.25 nr 1), but he has a good fight with Rubinstein. Then Horowitz plays Mozart wonderful! So lightly, so fluently! Daniel Barenboim is another pianist and conductor who has something in common with Jan Johansson, a genius in the noble art of making the piano sing. Of course Beatles and Cornelis Vreeswijk are great, too. In jazz I could write books of my favourite artists, so I guess I'd better not...

I'm building a cabin in Kangos of logs that I cutted by myself, Kangos is a village about 150 km north the arctic circle by the river of Lainio. Lots of mosquitos, but good fishing and midnight sun to light up the activities of building houses and saunabathing. No knapsu here...

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