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Ocean Liner Occupational Shaving Mug Deutschland - ca. 1912

A shaving mug collector's pages, featuring antique shaving mugs from my personal collection, and other related items. I also have the Shaving Mug Collector's Corner in Yahoo! Clubs/ Check it out !


Hi, I have been collecting for about 8 years, and have examples of the major antique shaving mug groups to show you. Shaving mugs were popular from the 1880's through the 1920's, when men went to the barber shop daily for a shave. Men often had their individual mugs marked with their name and/or depictions of their occupation, their fraternal order, or other decorative scenes, and placed in a rack at their barber shop. The barber shop was an exclusively male meeting place (although there were a few female barbers), and a social club. When WWI came, and the Gillette razor was introduced to the American troops, men began to shave themselves, and the heyday of the barbershop and of the individual shaving mug. ended. There are several types of antique shaving mugs. The most collected are those personalized with the name of the mug's owner, and/or pictures, emblems, designs or decorations. Mugs with the owner's name and a pictorial depiction of his occupation are called Occupational Shaving Mugs. The porcelain blanks for these mugs came from France, Germany and Austria in the main. They were hand painted here in America by mainly German artists who had emigrated. The owner's name was fired on in real gold usually, but sometimes in black. Mugs with an emblem of the owner's fraternal affiliation and his name are called Fraternal Shaving Mugs Those with the owner's name and a decorative scene or other decorations are called Decorative Shaving Mugs There are also coal-bucket shaped mugs called Scuttle Mugs, which have a divided section for soap and one for water. There are silver and silver-plated shaving mugs, and a variety of souvenir mugs without a person's name on them. These were for home use.

On the next five pages, I have pictured examples of the major types of antique shaving mugs. Occupational, Fraternal,Decorative,Scuttle, and Silver. The pages following those will feature thumbnail photos of more from each major type.


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