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my name is erik nash and i like football and baseball. my favorite music is RAP!!! word homie! i don't go to school because i am a dumb f*ckhead who dropped out.. : ( . but i do sit home and watch tv a lot .my dad is never home because he hates me : ( . if u wish to call me call 435-4585 that is my home phone i will pay for the phone bill !!! I am so lonely , the 1-900 numbers just don't do it. But my dad is addicted to porn so i look at that a lot, some of it is GOOD : ) that makes me happy.my favorite music group is R. Kelly "i can fly, i can fly"he he he that is my favorite song.hmmm i like the internet i just got it 3 days ago and now i am making a web page!!!!

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