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Vol I, No. 2 - January 15, 1998
Co-Editors:  Kathryn Pearce and Stephen Raskin

Welcome to our first issue of 1998 and our first issue with our new name, "Sound Bytes". We'd like to thank everyone who came to visit us during our inaugural month, with many thanks to all those who submitted ideas for a name for the newsletter. We learned a few things about what you liked and didn't like, and we have made some changes this month. We hope the changes are to your liking.

What's Inside?

- Music - What Vienna is all about!

- Sports
- Contests
- Geo logos by Kathryn to dress up your site
- Helpful Links
- Preview of next month's issue

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From the editors...

Dear Readers:

Thank you for stopping by this month. We hope you've enjoyed your visit, and hope you will return to check out anything you didn't get a chance to see this time.

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See you next month!
Kate and Steve

Awards we've won!!

"The Vienna Award"

from: Bassist
"1997 Home For the Holidays Award"

from: Hot Springs Community Leaders

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