The Sound of Mathematics - Links




Aesthetics of the Prime Numbers Sequence
Algorithmic DNA and mathematical music by Turpel Armand - MIDI

Algorithmic Arts
Algorithmic DNA music by John Dunn - Real Audio

David Spondike's Homepage
Original fractal music and lots of links to related sites - MIDI

Experimental music from dog gneiss recordings
Experimental MIDI compositions, poetry and prose and more. Gnuupheltic (not gnuuphelite) - MIDI

FBRG Music Art Mind
Original music presented with images and words by Frode Berge and Racheli Gershuny - MIDI

J. S. Bach Acrobatic MIDI Music
And a lot more, like original compositions by the site creator Kenneth Jonsson - MIDI

Organized Chaos
Original fractal music by Phil Thomson - Real Audio

Solomon's Music Theory & Composition Resources
Includes a paper on symmetry in music and lots of other stuff. Samples of Larry Solomon's music - WAV

Steve Layton: Music and Image
The artistic site formerly known as "dalgas". Original music by Steve Layton - MIDI and Real Audio

Stonygap: Music on the Web by Richard Garrett
The music of Richard Garrett. Includes a page of his musimathematics - MIDI and KOAN

Strange Music Archive
Original fractal music by Yo Kubota. Also has MIDI arrangements of medieval music - MIDI

The Midi Tone Poets Society
Original compositions presented with poems and images. Hosted by Rob Hastings - MIDI

The Music of José Oscar Marques
The strange beauty of fractal music. Original compositions by José Oscar Marques - MIDI

Yehua Electro Homepage
Modern music composer Yehua Electro, who experiments with algorithmic composition - MIDI


Erik Satie Homepage
By Niclas Fogwall. Includes CD samples - Real Audio and MP3 - and complete pieces - MIDI


Early Music by Women Composers
Sarah Whithworth's web pages include a MIDI archive, Hildegard links and more.

Icotec Music Productions Home Page
Original music by site owner FreeBrick, who also keeps an archive of other composers - MIDI

A city of MIDI.

A world of MIDI.

Serge Winitzki's Music and MIDI Stuff
Organ and piano works of 20th century composers. Olivier Messiaen is one of them - MIDI

Standard MIDI Files on the Net
A super-huge list of sites with MIDI files.

The Midiots - Home of Original MIDI Composers
A web ring kind of thing.


Béla Bartók
Sample from Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta - Real Audio

Hildegard of Bingen
Samples from a CD - Real Audio

Jaco Pastorius
Rare audio clips of live solo performances - WAV

Lisa Dalbello
Samples from her albums - AIF and WAV

Olivier Messiaen - Éclairs sur l'Au-Delŕ
Samples from a CD with Illuminations of the Beyond - MPEG and AU

Polly Jean Harvey
Samples from Is This Desire? (all tracks) and more - Real Audio

Stina Nordenstam
Samples from her album Dynamite - AU, MOV and Shockwave

Sven-David Sandström
Sample from Concerto for Alto Recorder, Harpsichord and Strings - Shockwave (click on the eighth note)

Whale Sounds
Various sounds of various whales - AU


Lady Strange
The art, logs and stuff to figure out of Lady Strange.

Sailor Pi's poetry and stories about pi, e and phi.


Knot a Braid of Links
Camel's "cool math site of the week" service.
Awarded September 1, 1998.

Mac's Picks of the Week
A new set of links for the whole family every week.
Awarded September 15, 1998.

Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science
An extra large site with lots of different categories.
Awarded October 8, 1998 in the categories Creative Minds, Mathematics and Exploration and Reference.