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This page was made in order to commemorate the honors class at WRHS. This class consists of a group of determined individuals who have strived to excel both academically and socially. We've had to make it through a great deal to get where we are today, through both the good times and the bad. I would like to thank our teachers, Mrs. Cerelia Sipe and Mrs. Charlotte Mosteller, for all the hard work they have put into making this year an enjoyable one for all of us.

Let's Take A Look At The Humanities Class Of 1997
and their futures

Drew Archer
soapstar on Guiding Light
Cindy Barber Email Cindy
owns dance company
Will Bush Email Will
perverted playboy photographer
Kelly Chickini Email Kelly
Hair commercial(stalked by psychofans)
Kevin Cher
Principal, or music minister
Brad Davis Email BradSend a message to Brad via ICQ.
Alternative Nation host
Stacey Favre
Vegas Showgirl, sunday school teacher
Lee Greenway Email Lee
President of James Bond fan club, member of secret service
Craig Hawkins Email CraigSend a message to Craig via ICQ.
artist who goes crazy-blood and urine lover
Jennifer Lynn Email Jen
Jenny McCord
Leigh McKinney
supermodel that rules the world at 20
Elizabeth Molyson Email Elizabeth
advertising CEO
Katie Molyson Email Katie
airline stewardess by day, marries someone rich who fawns over her
Jay Noble Email JaySend a message to Jay via ICQ.
Funeral Director
Erin Peavy Email Erin
owns dress shop, still helps out with KAZ
Billy Pryse Email BillySend a message to Billy via ICQ.
wins $100 million GA lottery
Dan Reslie
substitute teacher
Adrienne Reynolds Email AdrienneSend a message to Adrienne via ICQ.
works for government agency
Michael Scott Email MichaelSend a message to Michael via ICQ.
own car company
Andy Sisk Email AndySend a message to Andy via ICQ.
militia leader
Geoffrey Sizemore Email GeoffSend a message to Geoff via ICQ.
computer hacker
Robby Thompson
hostage comforter
Lesley Truluck Email Leslie
Hollywood madame
Chris Tubbs
scalps garden tickets
Dan Underwood
missionary(esp. on commercials with sunscreen)
Dave Van Deventer Email DaveSend a message to David via ICQ.
owner of expensive art gallery
Jason von Steenburgh
Little League coach
Bridget Walker
marries sugardaddy, "Date with Bridget" replaces "Date with Del"
David Waller
host of crossfire, murdered at age 30 by ex-girlfriend
Rachael Wheeless
owns Disney
Mrs. Defoor Email Mrs. Defoor
Mr. Ford Email Mr. FordSend a message to Mr. Ford via ICQ.
Science Teacher
Mrs. Sipe Email Mrs. Sipe

These opinions are in no way, shape, or form that of the author
They are the sole responsibility of Bridget, Elizabeth, and Kelly
And any consequences they bring must me directed toward them and not me

One for Kelly

By popular demand,
Naked Pics of Georgia Tech Students

One for Katie

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