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Sensational Findings in Kraichgau/Germany: 

Empty Grave-Chamber inside a Megalithic Longcairn disvovered.


Since 10 years, Walter Haug is looking for proof for his thesis that  that our celtic ancestors did construct pyramids and cairns in the Kraichgau Region. Now, the proof is at hand. A niche, discovered together with Volker Duebbers, on 11th March  2000 revealed an entrance to a subterrestrial chamber.

The chamber is situated inside an artificial, long-stretched mound - a little  less than 3 m tall. The  Top is nearly even, with the chamber`s entrance lying about  2,30 m underneath.

About one half of the chamber`s total hight was covered with debris and animal  carcasses (partly wrapped in plastic bags).

The entrance is concealed inside a loosely set, sloped  mural construction. (similar  to  "murus gallicum"). The entrance points to the east. 
Paradoxically, its width at the norrowest point is 0,63m - an old measuring unit, obtained by dividing the earth`s radius by 10000.

A remarkable, accurate  threshold-construction was found in front of the entry. The threshold is backed by a 4 layers of solid rocks, reaching nearly 1 m below the top of the threshold.

The right-angel shaped chamber shows the measurements shown below. The ceiling is formed by large sandstone-tiles. On tile has alredy come off, now sticking out from the floor, while another one hangs loose into the chamber. 

The vertical masonry  consists of quarrystone (sandstone). A few stones show  chisel-signs

There is a right-angled bend pointig northward. At its end, a niche can be seen.

All in all, comparison with megalithic constructions, especially in France, appears permissable.
We believe in the existance of additional chambers in already known, though still undiscovered cavities as further excavations will most likely show.

The complex consits of several cairns, some being more than 50 m long. They have been erected on an artificial plateau on a mountain top. First investigations lead to the assumption, that inside the plateau itself, cavities can be found. 

The mountain is shaped in terraces by the means of quarrystone-ramps, similar to Zähringer Berg in the South of Germany.

The often heard explanation, that we are investigting in "quarry-rubble" can easily be refuted by the accurateness and the well planned lay-out of the whole complex.

It our sincere wish that the discoveries quoted will soon receive their proper scientifical esteem. All persons working on this or on similar subjects are invited to participate in this task.


Walter Haug
Wössinger Str. 100
D-75045 Walzbachtal



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.. Eine 
gemeinsam mit Vereinsmitglied Volker Dübbers entdeckte Nische in einer 
Steinbruchhälde im Raum Kürnbach, gefüllt mit Tierkadavern, wurde am Samstag, 
den 11.03.2000 von Vereins-Mitgliedern freigelegt. Bei dieser ersten 
"Grabungsaktion" konnten folgende Erkenntnisse gewonnen werden: