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This is a page with home made music and it's all dedicated to Ali.

You can download all the newly recorded songs that Ali has made and also sign the guestbook. This page will be updated once a month, with a new song everytime.


All the songs are in MP3 format, so if you don't have an MP3 player you can get one at



The songs:

A sample of Ali's first single (176kB)

Ali's wonderful version of 2Pac's "Hit 'em up" (4,9MB)

Ali sings 2Pac's "Wonder why they call ya bitch" (4,1MB)

Ali sings 2Pac's "Brenda's got a baby" (3,2MB)

Ali performing Tarkan's "Simarik" (3,1MB)

Ali singing "Rumours" by Swedish popgroup Consoul (1,5MB)

Ali singing the song "Water Runs Dry" by Boyz II Men (2,4MB)

Ali sings 2Pac's "R U Still Down" (3,5MB)

Backstreet Boys' song "Gotta be you" performed by Ali (2,5MB)

Ali, singing 'Nsync's new single "Bye bye bye" (3,2MB)



03/05/00: Ali has now started to record his second album, "The Best of Ali II". The first two songs of the album are now available.




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