(sung to the tune of "Wabash Cannonball")
Written and performed by Torrence & Lemmon

(Tacoma has a very special greeting for its visitors,
but plans are to clean up the tide flats and do away with
"the Aroma of Tacoma".
We present this memory for future generations)

The Aroma of Tacoma takes your breath away.
You can tell it, you can smell it, when you're fourteen miles away!
From the great Olympic Mountains to the tide flats by the shore,
that aroma will be with us for now and ever more!

As you drive along the highway the scenery is sublime.
But the flowers smell like pulp mill -- almost all the time!
The Aroma of Tacoma'll cure a head cold any day.
In fact we guarantee it to take your breath away!

(And you know that halitosis is better than no breath at all!)

As you gather on your patio for a barbecue devine,
that aroma comes a-creepin' and you almost change you mind.
For no matter how good the meat would taste when you dig that gorgeous smell,
You'd think the beef was butchered when it really wasn't well!

Someday they'll find a used sign over that unwanted aroma.
And when they do I hope it'll be ten-thousand miles from Tacoma.
They can stuff it in a missile case and let the Green Berets
use it on the Viet Cong to end the war that way!

Now if you be complainin', remember we're not alone.
There always is Seattle with a smell all of it's own.
Grand juries and court houses caused them lots of shame,
While all we've got is the smelter on which to lay the blame!

-- End of song --

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