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Date: 10-23-93 (11:54)             Number: 10971
From: STEVE SHANKER                Refer#: NONE
  To: WAYNE EDGINGTON               Recvd: NO
Subj: Work and Words                 Conf: (24) Coffee_Klatsch
 > Speaking of appearance.  One day the Lieutenant called me into his
 > office.  My shoes needed polishing, I had on a frayed T-Shirt.  He
 > put me next to this kid right out of boot camp with everything
 > brand new. He says "Edgington, do you notice any differance
 > between Smith and you?" I looked at the kid and said "Yes sir, I
 > do.  He has 3 years left in the Navy and I have 3 weeks"  He just
 > shook his head and told me to leave. [g]

Hey Wayne...thanks a lot!  I am now mopping up my monitor which has been sprayed with a mouthful of coffee.  This was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.  I highly suggest you take this paragraph and send it into Reader's Digest and get your $25 or whatever it is they pay for their humor in uniform page.  You really hit the nail on the head.  I was in the Navy too for 3y8m13d...and know exactly where you are coming from...  Of course I was an airdale and we tended to have a little more leaway with many officers than the rest of the Navy.  One thing I really remember when a jg started chewing on one of my buddies who was an engine mech for not having shiny shoes and clean jeans.  One of our favorite pilots heard the dressing down the jg was giving him and then came over, took the jg aside to the other side of the plane (ie: out of sight, but not out of our hearing range) and said something to the jg that cured him REAL FAST...  it went something like this.

"Don't worry about the unshined boots ...worry more about getting these guys really ticked-off...  Remember, YOU are going to be flying in the aircraft after he fixes it...  Your choice is simple...  chew on him to polish his boots and hope he fixes the plane correctly...  or befriend him and know that he will do his best to make you live through your next few years."  The jg never tried this stunt again and became quite friendly with the crew...

 > You know, the title Coffee Klatsch is so misleading, I noticed
 > this Echo but never paid it any attention until Sharon Stevens
 > told me about it one day on the Memories Echo.  I thought all you
 > talked about was Coffee. [g]

Hey...since you were in the Navy...why weren't you interested? <grin> 
Did I ever mention the time I got fired for good from making coffee?  Going thru A school in Jax...I really started drinking coffee...but after a few months, it became painful having the 5 minutes between to rush out, relieve myself and refill only to be in pain 10 minutes before the end of the next I just STOPPED the coffee.  I got to Texas, and being the low man on the totem pole on duty nights, I had the job of cleaning out the 40 cupper...and setting it up for the next morning ...which the timer would turn on at 0600.  One night, something came over me........and I caught one of those TEXAS-sized bullfrogs and popped him in the basket with the coffee grounds.  Next morning I had completely forgotten about this when the guys came in with their steaming mugs asking 'WHO MADE THE COFFEE... it's about time someone learned how" and then I remembered and kept out of sight.  The 40 cupper which usually lasted till at least 1000 was out at about 0845 and they wanted whoever made it to make it again.  Well, no one came foward, so one of the guys opened the top... and there was 'Kermit'...well steamed...  They then figured out who made coffee and I was banned from ever touching the pot again... although they still said it was the best pot they had ever had. As our chief even was the best he had in years... ... real body to the brew...<grin>

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