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EuroTV If you are able to receive European domestic television broadcasts, you can use this site as a TV guide for those broadcasts.  Do not forget to make corrections for your time zone, because most times will be given in Central European Time.

This site lets you hear and view radio and TV stations from all around the world.  Also features webcams.  Stations are organized by country and by format.

This site is in English and French.

Alternate link for COMFM.COM

The Accordion Man

Oberkrainer Gold Collection

This is one of those sites which will make some people say, "Finally some GOOD music on the Internet!"

That was my reaction -- especially after hearing the Oberkrainer music. It sounded great, or as great as is possible with an old SoundBlaster 16 Soundcard.  Nothing electronic can beat the live music as it was originally made by Slavko Avsenik's Oberkrainer Quintett, but these MIDI's sure made my heart pound for joy!

If you are a polka music fan like me, you'll love exploring this site and listening to the MIDI's made by Andy Bakke, the Accordion Man.

Accordions World-Wide
If this is your favorite instrument to listen to or even to play, this site will provide you with a lot of information about this instrument and about those who play it.
David Robinson's Homepage
This is a guy after my own heart. Not only does he collect old 78 rpm records, he collects and repairs old gramophones!  He loves dance music from the 1930's -- a sign of good taste!

Music Links for German and Austrian Artists
Die Stoakogler ONLINE

This is the official homepage for the Stoakoglers, (also known as the Stoanis), one of Austria's best-loved Volksmusik groups.  They've been around for 33 years.  They began performing as a trio, and added a fourth member in 1994.

The group's theme song is called
"Steirer Men San Very Good"
and they are(!)... Very very good for Hollywood!...

They wrote the song for their friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. It became so popular that it made it into the 1992 Grand Prix der Volksmusik.

Die Kastelruther Spatzen
This is the Official Homepage of the Kastelruther Sparrows
Claudia Jung Homepage
Germany's current #1 Schlager singer
Kristina Bach Homepage
Another one of Germany's best hit-makers
Andrea Juergens Homepage
Another one of Germany's best hit-makers

Official homepage of The Flippers

The Flippers at BMG

Some of their hits:

  • Die Rote Sonne von Barbados
  • Je t'Aime heisst ich liebe Dich
  • In Venedig Ist Maskenball
  • Malaika
    (The Euro-disco group Boney M also recorded a song called Malaika.  These 2 songs share the same title, but little else.)
Freddy Quinn Fan-Club Homepage
One of Germany's most beloved pop singers. He has been cranking out the hits since the mid 1950's.
Peggy March Page (intro)

Robin Goodner's Peggy March Page
Most Americans think Peggy March was a one-hit wonder because all you hear is "I Will Follow Him".
See your favorite German Volksmusik stars at this site.
There are sound clips for some of the artists.
Click on Künstler in the frame to see the list of artists.
Don't forget to check out Karl Moik.  He is host of Musikantenstadl.
Sixties Schlager

A site dedicated to many big-name hit-makers who made the charts in the 1960's.  Contains biographical information and scans of picture sleeves of hit singles.

This site is in German.


A site dedicated to the big-name hit-makers who topped the charts in Germany in the 1960's.  Contains biographical information and discographies with picture sleeves of hit singles and albums.

This site is in German.

Musik Page

German Music Page
60's, 70's, 80's pop charts
MIDI files, lyrics, discographies

This site is in German.

Deutsche Schlager Charts

See what's hot in Germany when it comes to today's hit music. Also learn which CD contains that favorite song you may have heard on the radio.

This site is in German.

Little Corner of European Music

This is a great introduction to European popular music of the 1960's - 1990's. Site contains pictures, audio clips, and links to official and unofficial fan web-sites for these groups. Music is in French, Italian, English, and some German, and genres include "easy listening", pop, rock, disco, and instrumental.

Additional page of music

"Anton Aus Tirol"


New song and band which is the rage in German and Austria charts and discos. Congratulation to DJ Ötzi!
His disco version of "Anton Aus Tirol" is now 3 weeks in the ORF Schlagerparade!

  • Nr. 13 -- 12-Mar-2000
  • Nr.   1 -- 19-Mar-2000
  • Nr.   3 -- 26-Mar-2000

This site is in German and English.

Old-Time Radio and Technical Links
When Radio Was
Do you enjoy old-time network radio programs from 1930's - 1950's? If so, this site is for you!
Twilight Zone Radio
That favorite TV show from the 1960's is now a weekley radio drawa!
History of television -- American and European.  Also contains pictures of early TV sets.
You mean there actually IS such a thing as AM-Stereo?? And for those of you who knew, it's not just for car radios.
Here you learn more about it and also see what's available to help you hear it.
Background music, anyone?
Info about SCA broadcasts and the FM radios modified to receive these piggy-backed broadcast. Learn the history of SCA and all the technical info.

High School Yahoo Groups

A Yahoo Group is a combination of an interactive web-site and listserver which allows members to to share files, photos, chat (text and voice), participate in polls, and have group discussions via group E-mail.  That means first going through the Yahoo sign-up process to get your Yahoo ID and password, because you must have a Yahoo ID and password in order to become a member of a given Yahoo Group.  You must login to a Yahoo Group's web-site to access a group's files, photos, message archive, chatroom, participate in polls, and send private E-mail to group members.

I suggest you sign up for a free Yahoo Mail as your first Yahoo service, especially if your only existing E-mail account is your work (employer-supplied for use in your job) E-mail account or if you are sharing your existing home E-mail account with somebody else or if you don't want to access your home ISP-supplied E-mail account from work because you suspect that the company sysadmin or a co-worker is snooping and collecting login passwords by using a "sniffer" program or keystroke-monitoring software.  The Mail group sign-up will take you through the Yahoo sign-up process.  After you have your Yahoo ID and E-mail account, you will be able to join Yahoo Groups.

If you are already a Yahoo member, a free Yahoo Mail account is a great thing to have when you join a Yahoo Group because you will have a place all ready to receive all the Group E-mail you may get from a Yahoo Group and any private E-mail from members of a group.  That way your existing E-mail account won't be full after that long-lost friend surprises you with a big file full of pictures in the form of a Microsoft Word document after you send him or her an electronic greeting card!  That friend may pass your E-mail address to a few other friends, so you might get E-mail from old friends you didn't know were on-line, so it's good to be prepared!  <grin>

A Yahoo Mail account will allow you to read/write personal E-mail at your desk during breaks without your classmates ever learning your official work E-mail address. Keeping work contact info such your work phone, (job title, out-going signature) a secret will pay off if your classmate is in a public library or college computer lab and forgets to log out!  The bored college troublemaker who sits down at the still-logged-in computer and snoops through your friend's E-mail will see only your Yahoo address!  That troublemaker won't be able to send you viruses or megabytes of junk to clog your official work account.  If someone forges (spoofs) your Yahoo account, your job will still be safe.

There are a few more reasons for separate work and personal E-mail accounts at work. 

  1. Some employers block all E-mail coming from Yahoo Group listservers to stop employees from goofing-off on the job and to decrease the storage requirements of personal E-mail on workplace E-mail servers.  The E-mail in your Yahoo mail account is not stored on the workplace E-mail servers, so it won't be affected by anything done by your employer.

  2. When you use Outlook (or a similar E-mail program) at work to send only "work" E-mail, and Yahoo Mail (or similar) and a browser only for personal E-mail, you will have not only a separate E-mail address for work and persoanl E-mail, each E-mail program will also have its own address book.

    You would really have to work at doing something idiotic like violating a non-disclosure agreement by "accidently" sending out a sensitive internal memo to your classmates if you have only your friends and classmates in the Yahoo address book, and only your bosses, colleages, customers (etc.) in your Outlook address book!  You won't be able to say, "I was in a hurry and thanks to this dirty mouse I clicked one line too high in the list and got a classmate instead of a coworker."

For existing Group members, choose your group and login.


Not yet a Group member?

Mike Deland's

Reconnect with your favorite Hawks from Mountlake Terrace Senior High Class of 1980 and see pictures taken at the 20-year reunion in summer of 2000!
Click to join Hawks80
Old Music

This group is a general meeting/discussion area for alumni of Mountlake Terrace Senior High who are members of Classes 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985. This group exists because they have no other free electronic meeting place.  Members of the Class of 1980 are welcome to also join this group and learn whatever became of those sophomores and juniors they left behind when they graduated.
Click to join Hawks8085
Old Music

Reconnect with your favorite musical Hawks from Mountlake Terrace Senior High Classes 1980 - 1985 who were with you in Dynamics, Carillon Choir, Concert Choir, band, or the yearly Talent show during 1980-1982, or around that time period.  You weren't in any music classes but always hung around those people?  Don't be a stranger!  Performers are nothing without an audience!
Click to join HawksMusic8082

Miscellaneous Links
Minki's "Are You Being Served?" Shrine
A site for fans of the British department comedy "Are You Being Served?" Pictures, episode guide, links.
How Stuff Works
Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you!
Homepage of the Toaster Museum Foundation

This site appears on my link page because our toaster quit working after almost 40 years of service.  It was one of those fully-automatic toasters made by Sunbeam.  After you place the bread into the toaster, the toaster turns on while the bread is gently lowered to the bottom of the tray.  When the bread is done, the toaster turns off the heat and slowly raises the bread.  You know when the bread is ready to come out because you hear a quiet click as the power is turned off just before the bread is raised.

I found this site by accident while looking for a new toaster to replace it.  Now that I'm on-line, even though I don't purchase on-line, I check prices and features of products.

The lady of the house had another toaster hidden away so there was no need to buy a new one.  But things aren't like they used to be.  Now she always gets startled if she stands too close to the toaster when the toast noisily pops up without warning. 

I think I've learned the reason for the term pop-up toaster.  When the bread jumps -- so does the blonde!

The Official Darwin Awards
In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate the remains of individuals who contribute to the improvement of our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways.
A Dictionary of First Names
Over 5000 names with Western-European origins

Audio Player Links
Real Networks Homepage

The Basic (free) version of RealPlayer will let you hear streaming live audio from radio stations on the Internet and also see live video from webcasters using the RealAudio and newer RealAudio G2 SureStream formats.

If you can't use the current version of RealPlayer because you have an older system, I suggest that you get a player no older than v8 because I've noticed that radio stations that stream in stereo are beginning to use the RealAudio 8 format.

Note:  Beta test copies of RealPlayer expire 120 days after installation in order to force you to upgrade to the newest beta version.  "Final release" copies never expire.

Microsoft Windows Media-Player homepage

This will upgrade your Microsoft Media Player so you can listen to and watch streaming live audio from radio stations on the Internet which use Windows Media Audio.

This upgrade will allow you to play MP3 audio files.  The original Media Player that comes with Win 95 does NOT play MP3 files.


The newest version of Media Player (version 7) is meant only for users of Win 98 and newer!  Do not install v7 of Media Player on a computer that is running Win 95 or Win NT 4.0.  v6.4.07.1112 is as high as you go!

If you find that v6.4.07.1112 does not properly play MP3 files on your Win 95 system, you should try un-installing the player, and then re-installing it.  It's possible that another MP3 player you have installed has replaced Windows Media Player's MP3 codec with its own.

This is a free player.

Music-Match Jukebox

This an MP3 player which also allows you to create MP3 files and burn your own audio CD's.

This is a free player.

Winamp Player Homepage

The WinAmp player will let you hear streaming live audio from radio stations on the Internet which use the Shoutcase format.

It also plays audio files in the following formats.

  • MID - MIDI music files
  • MP3, MP2, MP1 - MPEG audio files
  • WAV - Windows audio files
  • VOC - SoundBlaster audio files
  • IT - Impulse Tracker music modules
  • S3M, STM - ScreamTracker music modules
  • MOD - Amiga ProTracker music modules
  • MTM - MultiTracker music modules
  • XM - FastTracker music modules

This is a free player.

21-Jun-2000 - Important!!

I visited their site yesterday to check out the latest version of Winamp.  After reading some messages in the forum, I have decided to not upgrade but wait until the next version is released.  I've been using v2.50e for the past few months and have been satisfied with it.

Users are complaining about the installer for Winamp v2.62, v2.63, and v2.64 causing the codecs to be re-registered.  The result is that only Windows Media Player will properly play all types of WAV files. All other audio players stop working properly after you install Winamp v2.62 - v2.64.

While you wait for the next version to be released (v2.7x), use an older version, such as Winamp v2.50e.

Remember to un-install any existing version of Winamp before you install a different version.

This is one time I'm glad I saved the older version!

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