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What is a parody?

Seattle's own Stan Boreson said it best in an interview with either Larry Nelson or Norm Gregory on radio station KOMO-AM 1000:

I take a popular song, write new lyrics for it and then wait and see how it takes for it to become unpopular!

About the songs in the list

  1. All of the songs which appear in a group share a common melody. This means that I've heard all or part of this song.

  2. It is possible for 2 songs which have the same title to have different melodies.  I assume that a given pop or country artist does not record 2 songs which have the same title but different melodies.

  3. The alphabetized list will be in order of the title of the original song version.  It's possible that I may list a cover artist for the original title.

  4. Those of you who know about Madman Moskowitz on radio station KSER-FM 90.7 will be able to relate to this list because he plays some of the wacky parodies mentioned in this list.

  5. There will be little or no "heavy-metal" rock, rap, or "soul" music because in general these kinds of music are not my taste.

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