Something about me - A Biography (not really...)

Name: Hansi Slanec (Hans-Christian Slanec)Famous Vienna Townhall
Born: 3.11.1966
City: Vienna, Austria

I now live in Vienna, Austria, in the 15. district of Vienna, called "Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus"

My family consists of my Parents, my Brother and Sister, my Grandparents and other relatives.

Of course also of Andrea, my girlfriend

And my two cats Maxl and Pezi

My education:  
I have been to the Kindergarten when I was wery young: First I have been to a"Kinderkrippe" which is for 1 to 3 yo kids
Then I was in the Kindergarten: it has been in Viennas 10th district at the so called "Waldmüllerpark"
Then I went to public school ("Volksschule") I have been there in 4 classes from 9/73 - 6/77
The school has been in Viennas 14th disrtict, in Muthsamgasse
Then I went to the "Gymnasium" (like "Highscool") From 9/77 to 6/85 I have been to this school. It after 8 classes I graduated with the so called "Matura". Wanna read our Matura-Newspapers Homepage (german only)?
After that, I went to University Vienna

I tryed to study law, but - to be honest - failed after three years.
Then I changed the subject to
German literature and
Communication Sciences

On Feb. 16th I passed my examn for the MA to become a "Magister philosophorum" (Mag. phil.)

My jobs:  


A family history:

The ruins of Castle Slanec, SLK
My ancestors came from Slovakia arround the 1890ies.
You may be surprised to learn, that there also is a small village called "SLANEC",
dating from the 13th century
There is also an old ruin, which you can see in the picture
The tower, as it looks today


Then there are my two Cats

This is 



In the Loggia

At the Window

This is 



How long am I?

I want to sit... and watch...

Trying out the new table

soon to be told

She is also with the scouts and we live together nearly since 1993

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