My Spice Girls Concert Review

Vienna, Stadthalle, 15.5.1998

Spice Cadet Nickname - slanechansi
Earth Name - Hansi Slanec

First: the set was brilliant. It was fun to see the spaceship entering the scene and roaring to Vienna. After opening all the gates: there they stood.
Very spicy!
The crowd went mad, although I didn't think, that some of the 6-10 year old Kids in the crowd did really know, why they came. I certainly did know. When Posh spice first appeared on the vidiwall with one longer songpart, we started to howl, that went right through the 12,000 (!) person crowd (as they afterwards said in the local news!)
When it came to "Naked" all tried to look as good as they could. Only Ginger made clear, that they were not "Naked" at all...
The band really did the best, although there were slight problems with the mics, as they were a bit too quiet. The 30 minute intermission caused slight problems, because some wanted to come out and some wanted to come in front. But who cares.
I got my T-Shirt, the show was (did I mention that?) brilliant, and William Shattner was the spice pilot. I loved that...

Spiced up my life, really. (You need to be a Spice Cadet for access)

And guess what: I got a signed Tour-Book from the "Spice Girls" for my review.