The Bricklayer's Arms

"The big police dog was away from his beat; I don't know the reason, but most people think he slipped into the Bricklayer's Arms for a drink"

Hi and welcome to the Bricklayer's Arms. The name comes from TS Eliot's poem "The Awefull Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles" as evidenced by the quote above. The name of the pub was changed to the Wellington Arms when the poem was turned into a song by Andrew Lloyd Webber, presumably because it was easier to sing at the tongue twister speed in which the song is set.

But I forget my manners. I am Delilah, landlady of this establishment.

And this is Samson, my bouncer.

Samson: Hello.

And, of course, the barmaid, Sonia.

Sonia: Hi there!

And finally, our resident nurse, Nancy.

Nancy: Peace! And don't expect to hear much from me. I work night shift and I need my sleep.

Yeah. Anyway, as you may have guessed, I am a big fan of the musical Cats.

Samson: Whoa! Is that ever an understatement.

Sonia: The only thing that rivals her love for Cats is her love for Rockapella. It's hard to say which one makes her crazier.

Did I ask for any commentary from you two?

Sonia: I thought that was what we were here for.

Well, anyway, I was first exposed to Cats when my aunt went to London and saw it there, then brought back a record and copied it for me. Then I totally fell in love with the video when it came out and watched it so many times that I have the whole thing by heart.

Sonia: And therefore, so do we.

Samson: Speak for yourself. I always try to catch a quick cat nap during the boring bits.

There aren't any boring bits!

Sonia: Then why do you start fast forwarding certain parts any time you're in a hurry?

Let's just say that some bits are more interesting than others. Now where was I? Oh yeah. I have actually gotten to see the show live a few times. If you are interested, I'll tell you about my memories.

Samson: Uh oh, run while you can.

Hey, what else is a pub for?

Here's what else I've got for you:

CATS interviews

Interviews with some of the Cats performers I have been so privileged as to meet

Cats links

A collection of links to other people's Cats pages.

Cats Fan Fiction

My own humble contribution to the plethora of fan fics out there.

Cats Art Gallery

Illustrations to go with my stories by various artists.

Broadway Gallery

A collection of pix of the final Broadway cast from my trips to New York.

Nitpickers' Guide to the Cats Video

The name says it all. Inspired by Phil Farrand's nitpicking guides to all the Star Trek shows and movies.

The Admetus Admiration Page

My favourite kitty from the video gets a page all his own.


The people who helped make this page what it is.

Sonia: Just in case you feel like stoning them.

And in case you feel like leaving me a message you can sign the guestbook. Please note that your comments will be screened before they are posted, as I have recently had a problem with unscrupulous advertisers filling it up. And view the guestbookto see what other Cats are saying.

Ever since this page first opened it has been guarded by Griselda, a petite dilute smoke torbie. She passed on in November 2002, but still guards the Arms in spirit.

Any nicking of images or text will be reported to her and the perpetrator will soon feel her ghostly little needle-like claws on his back! So behave; Zellie's watching you.

Samson: Hey, I thought I was the bouncer around here!

I thought you might need a little extra help. And I couldn't resist showing of this pic of one of my kitties.

Hey, look! I got an award!

Sonia: Who'd be crazy enough to given you an award?

Ahdeya, that's who. An excellent artist and totally stuck on Munkustrap.

Samson: We can see that.

Believe it or not, I am a normal person with a normal, sometimes boring life.

Sonia: Hard to believe sometimes.

If you want to learn more about the off-internet personality, you must be really strapped for something to do...

Samson: I'll say.

Sonia: Hear hear!

...but you can go here.

Delilah's Place

One final note, due to real life taking undue precedence I have not been able to do much updating of this page. But I do have a live journal which you can check out to see what I am up to if you are really that interested. Thanx for dropping by!

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