Exact miniature drum set replicas!

Miniature Drums handcrafted by European
 artist and musician, are scaled down replicas
 of famous professional drummers' trapkits 


The drum set miniatures made by "Schaf" are beautifully detailed and crafted replicas of drums played by famous celebrity drummers.  Special care has been taken to preserve the dimension and proportion ratio within each set, Schaef is a European craftsman making fine detailed drum set replicas!in order to stay true to the life size drums. Drum heads, and cymbals, all the way to the cymbal stands are perfectly true to their logo, type and color.  All sets are individual, specifically unique works of art that will gain in value over time as a collectors item.

Get the kit of a famous drummer, or your own set up, custom made!Every drummer uses a different drum kit, with unique  multiple tom set-up as well as the  arrangement and choice of cymbals and hardware. Some use two or more bass drums to lay out the groove, and multiple snare drums to keep the back beat steady! This craftsman doesn't miss a detail, using his experience in music to bring these works to life. Individually hand crafted models are built on demand, or choose from the array of sets on hand.
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