Dynaco Tube Audio Schematics Archive:
This site should provide a useful reference for Dynaco Tube enthusiasts.  Most schematics should print nicely from a browser, or can be downloaded and saved.

A CDROM of full manuals, service notes, schematics, brochures, price lists, and lots more is now available
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Stereo 35 Page 1

Stereo35 Page 2

Stereo 70 Page 1

Stereo 70 Page 2

SCA 35 Page 1

SCA 35 Page 2

Mark II

Mark III

Mark IV Page 1

Mark IV Page 2

Mark VI
FM1 Page 1

FM1 Page 2

FM3 Page 1

FM3 Page 2

FMX Multiplex Adapter

FMA2 Integrated Amplifier
DSC (PAM stereo adapter)

PAM Page 1

PAM Page 2

PS1 (PAM power supply)

PAS2 Page 1

PAS2 Page 2

PAS3x Page 1

PAS3x Page 2
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The  Dynaco transformer folder has been moved to my main tube page .
From time to time I have Dynaco pieces that I'd consider selling or trading including amplifiers and tuners.  Let me know if you're interested.
I can provide printed or faxed copies of most any Dynaco tube literature including full manuals.  I'm happy to swap for tube audio related literature I don't currently have. Otherwise about $5 to cover postage and a cup of coffee while I stand at the photocopier will do it! 

Unfortunately I don't have manuals or schematics for the solid state Dynaco Gear..
This page would not be complete with out a special thanks to Bob Langer and Jack Smith!  Bob introduced me to the joy's of vintage audio gear and is an amazing source of knowledge and advise.  Jack provided many stories and insight into the early world of audio as well as letting me borrow an amazing collection of vintage audio literature.
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