Links Relating to
Surface Mount Devices (SMD)
Updated 13-8-2001

Other Sites Dedicated to SMT :

PIC List SMT Notes
A Useful Site with some SMT links
Bills SMD Page - Useful info, book (for sale) and other resources.
ARRL Information Page on Surface Mount Devices
Links Relating to the Identification of SMD's :
Click here for G4PMK's SMD Codebook
Click here for the Sci.Electronics.Repairs FAQ on SMD Identification
A HUGE list of surface mount identification codes (.TXT file) *FANTASTIC REFERENCE*
Another page for surface mount identification codes from Satcure Electronics

Links Relatings to making PCB's at home :

Kent's methods for making PCB's

Mikes methods for making really good PCB's


Technik's - The makers of PnP blue paper

Another simple method for making PCB's

My preferred method for making PCBs now involves Kinsten Presensitized postive acting PCB. It is very simple and very accurate (far more accurate than any iron on method). You can learn more about it by following this link (commercial site)

SMT Soldering Links :

Using a kitchen mini electric oven for SMT reflow. I like it!

A Simple but very useful idea - Using Blu-Tac to hold SMD ICs in place during soldering.

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