My favorite, and my heritage.

his Glen was occupied by the MacDonald Clan - it is the scene of extreme beauty, betrayal, and mass murder. 

Looking at the size of the small white house compared to its surroundings should give you an idea of how amazing these highlands are.
"Odds and Ends" from Scotland
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Glencoe Scotland
Strolling the Highlands...
During my second visit to Scotland, I took a "Haggis Tour".

Our guide was great and a bit over the edge (insane?)  He would take us hiking throughout Scotland's highlands and her glens every morning - if you were hungover, too bad!

All I can say is that if you are afraid of heights, you will soon be over that fear once you partake on a journey with Haggis!!
Can't forget the locals!!

This is me... and a "Hairy Coo" (Highland Cow) 

Don't we both look impressed?
The pics on this page are from my highland tour only...  I've yet to scan my other pictures from Edinburgh, Stirling, and other various spots I went through.